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Can a page subheading be removed? 4 kathrynwp 11 months
I am unable to verify the site on Google. 7 kathrynwp 11 months
Delete the search bar in the top right of header? 2 rachelmcr 11 months
disconnect personal LinkedIn page from blog, wanted link to company page 2 rachelmcr 11 months
DESEJO CANCELAR O DOMINIO 3 rachelmcr 11 months
How can i share my posts with the image of the content and not the blog logo? 2 rachelmcr 11 months
Photos not showing up right on final published page 3 nathaliescollins 11 months
Formatting a post 2 rachelmcr 11 months
Header Logo link to external website 2 rachelmcr 11 months
Post not working 2 rachelmcr 11 months
sitemap 2 rachelmcr 11 months
Theme issues 2 rachelmcr 11 months
blog appearance on the internet 2 rachelmcr 11 months
Blog Email Not Recognized 4 rachelmcr 11 months
I can't upload any videos, nothing happens when I press the button. 4 rachelmcr 11 months
My daily digest of blogs I follow isn't coming through to my email any more. 2 rootjosh 11 months
Adding links to blog post 2 rootjosh 11 months
Network for Windows 8 app no longer works. 6 kraftbj 11 months
Can I register a domain through WordPress and park it there? 4 rootjosh 11 months
Dear Sirs, Only $8.00 was refunded. You have not refunded $16.00 for cancelled 5 rootjosh 11 months
One blog pointed to new site. Other blogs now not behaving 5 rootjosh 11 months
Add DNS record for 4 rootjosh 11 months
How do I email notifications/comments to ALL members of the blog? 4 rootjosh 11 months
Submission Form Plugins 2 rootjosh 11 months Plugin Help! 2 rootjosh 11 months
Plugins with WordPress Premium 2 rootjosh 11 months
Why is my custom header picture not bleeding like the stock image? 2 amightywp 11 months
Follow errors 2 amightywp 11 months
Domain Transfer Authorization 10 amightywp 11 months
email sign up widget? 4 rootjosh 11 months