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  1. Hi!
    I'm currently using the theme Bueno, and today I changed the name on some of my categories and menus. For example, I changed one menu from "Recept" to "Hälsa" and also changed the category "Mat" to "Hälsa" so that when I post a blogpost under the category "Hälsa" it will show under the menu "Hälsa". Just like it did before (category Mat, menu Recept), only more accurate.
    When I look at all my posts, I can see that the right posts are in the right category/menu, but when I go to my page I cant click the menu's. I can click the old one that I haven't changed, but not the ones that I renamed.

    Does anyone have a clue on how to solve this? What have I done wrong?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. panaghiotisadam

    Apparently you resolved this, as all your menu tabs are working correctly.

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