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Disappearing widgets

  1. I was checking out a new widget. I noticed that the widgets I had already installed in my blog were not there. Anyway I put the new widget in the blank box and did the update. Now all my customization has disappeared. All the installed widgets were wiped out.

  2. It must be some kind of temporary glitch in the innards; it looks like a lot of topics about this are popping up now. All of my stuff has also disappeared. It's probably just some kind of hiccup, and hopefully things will show up again soon.

  3. Same on my blog.

  4. catherinemorgan

    This has happened on all of my blogs as well.

  5. There are suddenly a whack of other threads about this, so it's not just you. Send email to support at wordpress dot com and they'll get on it ASAP.

  6. Thanks, I just hope that when they "fix" it I won't have to re-install my widgets all over again. There is a LOT of customization work that I put into them

  7. When I look inside my custom ones, Shadmia, they're are still there and intact on the Widgets page. They simply aren't showing up on my blog.

    So I'm sure that when this gets fixed, your stuff will be fine. And mine, and all of the rest of ours. :)

  8. Same here. When I checked my widgets sidebars they were both blank so I reloaded them and that did nothing. All my vodpod pics were gone of VT tech and all my other images. UGH!

    At least now I know I'm not the only one which is a relief. I'm using the Andreas09 theme.

  9. I have the same problem too :(

  10. Same here. When I checked my widgets sidebars they were both blank so I reloaded them and that did nothing. All my vodpod pics were gone of VT tech and all my other images. UGH!

    At least now I know I'm not the only one which is a relief. I'm using the Andreas09 theme.

  11. My site is so different. Things missing from my sidebars and images on the sidebars and recent comments and recent posts and clickable images that lead to threads and charitable organizations.

  12. I found all my widgets had dropped to "available" and defaults were in place instead. I have restored the widgets and saved them, apparently successfully, but default sidebars still appear instead of my customised ones. I am using Garland. I quickly switched to another template but it made no difference. So now back to Garland.

    Same on my second blog

  13. Well, I can see that I'm not the only one, it's a relief. Well, we've to wait the support service will be opened.

  14. The "default" page guide in the sidebar isn't showing sub-pages either. Part of the same issue??

  15. I have the same problem too

    i think all the blogs that use a three-column theme like Andreas09 2.0 have this problem

    When i test a two column theme every thing work very well but when i return back to my old theme the problem appeare again.

  16. Yeah I have two sidebars.

  17. inexistentman2

    Same in my blog!

  18. Crap. Mine too. It's getting to be that something major is going wrong every other night. This is beginning to get very, very tiring.

  19. It's theme-specific. My sidebars are functioning normally in Dusk. Please post which templates you're using so we can keep track. So far I see Andreas and Garland have issues.

  20. My sidebar is completely changed too and I only have one, as I use MistyLook, a two column theme. I dare touch nothing and only hope they'll fix the problem soon and nothing gets took me such work...

  21. mightyaphrodite

    I'm using Garland 1.0 with two sidebars and my set-up has disappeared, too. It's reverted to default, the customizations still appear in the widgets, but it won't let me put them back up where they belong.

  22. Y'all are sending those emails to support, right? Regular Feedback and Support will be open in an hour or so, if I recall correctly.

    Disembedded, please don't spam the forum.

  23. Sorry, it's just gotten so frustrating lately.

  24. skinnychopsticks

    My sidebars are messed up too!
    Let's hope everything will recover soon.

  25. I hear ya, but that's four minutes of my life I'll never get back, reading those comments. You could always do what I do: lower your expectations. When I wake up and realize I'm still breathing I think "whoa, so far so good".

  26. I want'em backkk...

  27. Help!!! my blog customise widget (main sidebar) dissapeared too, i am using andreas 09 themes

  28. I know you probably can't answer this...but thought I would give it a shot...I am using Andreas...and have experienced the same problem. When/If support fixes this...will the entire thing have to be reformatted or will it appear as I had originally set it up.....

    What times does support open? East Coaster here...and support says it's closed....I promise not to bug you...even though I am not a very patient person....Do you have any idea how long it took me to figure out how to do this blog with out asking my husband for help?

    Any way...thanks for your kind assistance......:)

  29. It's andreas 09 here too. Relax, I'm sure it will be fixed.

  30. Please forgive me ....but I am clueless on some of this....but I also had a jumbled mix of rss feed stuff show up....Newsburst and CNET and Subscribe to Bloglines....I have no clue where that came from because I didn't have to start out.....I hope it goes away.....



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