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reddit share button problem

  1. Just tried the reddit sharing button with one of my posts for the first time and encountered a problem. Using the button opens the reddit 'submit' page but feeds it with a shortened link to the post, and reddit doesn't accept short links! Perhaps this is a recent change?
    As it was for one of my own posts I went back and got the full link and pasted it in, but I doubt many of my readers [lovely as they all are!] are devoted enough to bother! Nor should they need to.
    I can't see any obvious way of changing the setting for this sharing button - can anyone help?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. lightbulbcartoon

    That the same problem here. It's pretty useless to have a button that shares a broken link. Not to mention embarrassing.

  3. Thanks lightbulbcartoon, thought it was just me - still no response from the WordPress folk though? Is there a happiness engineer out there who can help with this?

  4. Weekends are slow, but presumably someone will look at this on Monday. It's a big problem.

  5. We appear to be serving the full URL now.

    Are you still having trouble?

  6. Yes that seems to be fixed now, thanks.

  7. You're welcome!

  8. I think you should do some publicity on this fix. Some people might have just given up with the reddit button.

  9. I agree.

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