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Requesting a Google Analytics plugin

  1. If possible, I would love to have a plugin for Google Analytics on That way I can keep track of how many people visitit my blog and what kind of posts they read the most. That would really help me. Thanks in advance!

  2. Hi ilonamiddel,

    Sorry to say but plugins are not allowed in for security reasons however your Stats page is very helpful in keeping track of how many people visit your blog and what kind of posts they read the most. You can access your stats from the Stats tab on the home page or from your Dashboard -> Site Stats.

    Hope this helps. :)

  3. @elzrjose, I believe @ilonamiddel posted here in the ideas forum because she was wishing for the addition of Google Analytics functionality, not so much because she wanted to add a separate plugin.

    Believe me, ilonamiddel, you are not alone in the "please can we have Google Analytics" boat ;)

  4. dcouverteculinaire

    Every body ask me for my google analytics numbers, Can we have both! because I will have to quit!

  5. +1
    I need also google analytics for my blogs!

  6. +1 for google analytics on!

  7. Don't worry. You actually don't need a plugin. I have created a very simple to follow and helpful guide that will show you how to add Google analytics to your very own WORDPRESS.COM blog.

    Go on, and enjoy the sun: How to add Google analytics on a wordpress.con blog

  8. Excuse me but we have known about the cloudflare workaround for google analytics on blogs since 2011 and we do not provide support for it.

  9. +1 for Google Analytics

  10. vivendomilagres

    I need also google analytics for my blogs!

  11. travelgalcindy

    I need Google Analytics as well. You HAVE to have it to be eligible to participate in professional forums. If WordPress is going to keep serious bloggers, they need to make this available.

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