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  1. Steps involved for the nominee to create a blog, when nominated for a lovely blog award! I am new, do I have to write a new post, mention in my nomination- do I have to list verified blog links I follow- share 7 random things bout me?Please help me out-How do I paste the Lovely Blog Award picture?
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  2. A blog meme (blog award) is a viral game where you generate links and relationships through asking other bloggers to participate. There are no sponsored blog awards memes and this is not a support issue per say. If you are "nominated" and you want to play the chain letter styled blog award meme game then you go to the site of the person who presented you with the award and follow the instructions they posted.

    The badge is an image and you capture and upload it as you would any image. Then you can display it either in an image widget or a text widget.
    instructions here >
    For more details about the options for uploading images see:
    For troubleshooting images tips see >

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