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  1. fabricaliteraria

    Is it possible to set a static home page with the Twenty Eleven showcase template, and put the posts in another page, like ?

    So far I have only done that with the side bar and regular templates.

    blog url:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. fabricaliteraria

    The problem is when I set the static front page to showcase template. It shows the posts in it.

  3. I know what you mean as that's the way Twenty Eleven theme is coded to operate.

  4. fabricaliteraria

    So, I can´t use a full width image and put the posts in other page, right?

  5. You can only use a standard static Page as a static front Page. You can't use a post or image file, it has to be a standard Page.

  6. panaghiotisadam

    "The problem is when I set the static front page to showcase template. It shows the posts in it."
    That's what the showcase template is supposed to do. If you want a plain static page as your front, you edit the page and select the sidebar template or the default template (depending on whether you want a sidebar or not.)

  7. fabricaliteraria

    Ok, thanks.

    Can I get rid of the "recent posts" text in the bottom of the page?

  8. The "recent posts" thing is part of the showcase template design. To get rid of it, don't use the showcase page template.

    You can hide it with CSS if you purchase the Custom Design Upgrade, but that is the only way to remove it from the

  9. Ok, I purchased the Custom Design Upgrade in my other blog,, and maybe I´ll use the showcase template there.

    Can you help me with the code?

  10. fabricaliteraria

    Ups, sorry. That last post was intended to be from me.

    Can you give a hand with the code?

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