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The Question game

  1. What's with the apple in the first place?

  2. incomepowerboost

    is that something I should know about?

  3. Is knowing about it that only answer?

  4. does it even matter anyway?

  5. transgressivecinema

    Is there matter in the sink?

  6. Does the gooey stuff I tried to put down the sink earlier count?

  7. shannondotjpeg

    Does anything count?

  8. Do you count?

  9. shannondotjpeg

    Can you count?

  10. thetranzformation

    do these chicks want to wrestle?

  11. shannondotjpeg

    Can chicks wrestle?

  12. thetranzformation

    you haven't wrestled?

  13. You wanna wrestle?

  14. thetranzformation

    you dint look old enough?

  15. Aren't questions questions and statements statements?

  16. thetranzformation

    Are you on a crusade to preserve some kind of rules on how and how not to write?

  17. Yes. <3

  18. thetranzformation

    is that a question? or an answer?

  19. Can you define what a question is and what an answer is?

  20. thetranzformation

    how funny are, drunks on the net?

  21. Very funny? Perhaps we should restart with a new question?

    What came first, the chicken or the rooster?

  22. gutterfishheathen

    how did the chicken reproduce?
    (witch craft)

  23. When did chickens first evolve?

  24. What about the rooster?

  25. What about the rooster?

  26. shannondotjpeg

    Are roosters really red?

  27. How do we know they not green and we're all colour confused?

  28. Or are we all simply confused anyway..........?

  29. How do I know when I'm confused?

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