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uncategorised posts

  1. Hi-- Just recently started building a premium theme: Chronicle. I'm still back in the stoneage. My only past experience has been Front Page, which I loved. I find most of the WordPress instructions rather difficult to follow. They seem to suggest pre-knowledge, which I don't possess. Right now I'm struggling with my two first posts which are listed as "uncategorized." I'd like them listed as "Viewpoints." I've gone to the Categories page and entered "Viewpoints" and checked it. I've been told to uncheck "uncategorized," but I can't find a place to uncheck it. On several occasions I've been sent to pages of instructions for explanations. The trouble is, one is often told what to do without explaining how to do it. I would greatly appreciate some detailed instructions on where and what to click to switch from the designation "uncategorized" posts--to "Viewpoints," and have it show up on my home page. My blog url is
    Thanks for help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Edit each post
    Once you open the post in the editor you can Add Categories via the Categories Module

  3. I've been told to uncheck "uncategorized," but I can't find a place to uncheck it.

    It's found here

    Also read this so you can create your own default category to replace "uncategorized" with.

  4. Thanks. I went to Dashboard--Posts-- saw my two posts--found no reference to edit or editing. So how to edit? The place you sent to me showed a nice picture with no way to reach it. The reference pages I'm sent to are all the same. They show pics that are too small to read and not viable--nothing to click on.
    Default Categories page sent me to Settings & Writing--went there and saw Default Post Categories with a small bar window containing the word"uncategories" and a down arrow. Period. What to do with that?
    No instructions. Stuck as usual.

  5. Go to Dashboard >Posts > All Posts
    locate post by title
    hover over post title
    click the Edit link that appears when you do that

  6. I beat you to it. I just did. I was running the cursor all over the text and spied the edit. How dumb can I be? Thanks again, but I'll be back.

  7. Hooray! You found it.

    There's a step by step learn blogging tutorial at that may be helpful.

  8. Hi timethief--
    Been writing a political article to be published elsewhere before inserting it into my WordPress blog. I'm wondering--my blog's title:
    "America, America, Of thee I Sing the Blues"
    If you know: Do I have to copyright the title? If so, how? Or is it automatically covered?
    Your wisdom appreciated.

  9. No you do no have to copyright any Tile. In fact, you can't.

    Been writing a political article to be published elsewhere before inserting it into my WordPress blog

    Creating duplicate content across sites is to be avoided at all costs. Those who use search utilities expect to receive the results that point to the single site any article is published on. As a researcher nothing, absolutely nothing, peeves me off more than being faced with duplicate content. Read this so you understand what Google's position is on this

  10. As usual--Thanks!

  11. You're welcome. :)

  12. I just read your insert on "duplicate content." The publisher always insists that it be the first and only for a brief period, and I oblige for perhaps two weeks. I've already designed a banner (in library) for this article. I hope this is not perceived as "duplicity."

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