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Where is my Akismet "ham"?

  1. I am a first-time wordpress user and have recently setup this new blog. The Akismet stats on my dashboard say that I have got 11 "ham". I googled what it meant and realized that "ham" is for legit comments on my blog. The only trouble is I can't find those comments anywhere. The Comments link in my dashboard sidebar shows no comments. Pending, approved, spam, and trash... they are all zero. I have not yet got around to testing the comments section on my new blog. So it can't be my own comments either. Any help regarding this would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What is the URL where you are seeing that "ham" statement?

  3. So, the short answer is that there appears to be something messed up with the "ham" counting. You are not missing any "real" comments.

    The longer answer will have to wait a bit as the developer I need to work with to suss this out is away at a team meetup.

  4. elespectadorcompulsivo

    Este problema respondr exsctsmente a lo que me sucede hace dos años Tema sobre el que vengo preguntando. Espero, entonces.

  5. @elespectadorcompulsivo

    Overall, I would encourage you not to worry too much about it. No legitimate comments or submissions are being missed. It is merely a counting issue.

  6. @elespectadorcompulsivo

    En general, me gustaría animar a que no te preocupes demasiado por ello. No hay comentarios legítimos o presentaciones se están perdiendo. Se trata simplemente de un problema de conteo.

  7. I have 99 Ham apparently, and not one comment...

  8. No entiendo mucho esto, soy nueva, me carca 22 ham, 1 spam y solo veo un comentario??
    Se pueden ver los ham?

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