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    Well, i went to China on the 21-22 of January and i was able to access wordpress then. It really isn’t a suprise, seeing that wordpress is one of the few blog providers to volunatry censor their contents in China… ah, we just lost 1/5 of the world audience people. Luckily, Hong Kong is still sort of independent from China, or else i won’t be able to access wordpress from here :K

    If you want something funny of China’s censorship… Well, the morning before i went to China (while i was still in HK) I was watching the news and saw that China lost to Cuba in volleyball, and that night, and when i was watching the same channel’s evening news, it reached the sports part, and when it was just about to announce Cuba’s victory of China, the channel changed to ads…


    Topic: Page deleted ????????

    in forum Ideas


    I spent hours working on a page and it has just been vaporized.

    Bug or censorship?

    That page is gone:




    At this point it doesn’t matter, the individuel in question has left WP.com and gone back to Blogger until “WordPress becomes more versitile,” in his words.

    But he was “nice” enough to thank two people for “for their honest comments.” No surprise they were singled out for praise, they both agreed it was permissable to link to and alter images and give zero credit to the copyright holder.

    Good riddence, he will fit right in with all the viruses and spam blogs over there, not to mention be part of a company that endores censorship on a State level.

Viewing 3 results - 421 through 423 (of 423 total)