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    Topic: Issues with Gutenberg

    in forum Support

    When using the new block editor from Gutenberg, I can’t access my Yoast details to add SEO to my post and I can’t add hyperlinks into the text.

    I need this sorting ASAP as I am a blogger and require the use of both these features. Please advise what can be done.



    Is there a ready way to set Gutenberg to display the word count, like it used to in the old editor?




    Is there an easy way to set Gutenberg to display full page width (or at least larger than the approximately 80 character width is is set to by default)?



    1: How can I add space in between bullets in a list? Since Gutenberg, my buleted items are just a mass of text see: https://www.urtech.ca/2018/12/dell-endpoint-security-suite-enterprise-esse-review/ – I presume this can be done via CSS, but the changes I have tested so far have bunged up my menus and other parts of the site. I just want to made bulleted items readable.

    2: Is there an easy way to insert a graphic on right, half way down a bulleted list? See: https://www.urtech.ca/2018/12/dell-endpoint-security-suite-enterprise-esse-review/ – I want to move the blue DELL DATA SECURITY graphic from the top of the list to the right of #12

    3: Is there a straight forward way to set links to default to open in a new tab? It is a real pain to bounce around the way it is now.

    4: Is there a straight forward way to drag graphics that are already placed on a page, to where I want to place them?



    In reply to: Inserting images


    Hey Jill,

    Thanks so much for providing the image – I wanted to make sure the sizing and/or format of the image wasn’t an issue (which it isn’t).

    I did notice that you appear to be running the self-hosted version of WordPress. This forum assists users with WordPress.com hosted sites and unfortunately, cannot offer much help. You can learn more about the differences between WordPress.com vs WordPress.org here: https://en.support.wordpress.com/com-vs-org/

    NOTE: I did try to see if there was someone else with your issue on the .org forums, but it appears the error message is general in nature and there are a few ways to diagnose what’s going on. You may want to start by making sure you have the newest version of Gutenberg. If you’re still having that issue after updating, I recommend starting a thread on the WordPress.org forums where someone there can help you troubleshoot.

    Best of luck!



    I have been using Gutenberg before my website updated to WP 5.0 then to 5.01. When It updated I can only write posts in the classic editor. When I try writing a new post I see the option to write it in Classic or Gutenberg. When I click on Gutenberg it still brings me to the Classic Editor when I want to write a post. I have the plugins for Classic editor and Gutenberg on my dashboard. I have deactivated the classic editor plugin and it has not worked. My website was created with a custom theme and I am wondering if that is the problem. I thought so but prior to my update to 5.01 I was able to use Gutenberg. Is there something that I need to add such as a PHP code. I have been reading a lot of topics and this has been mentioned but I have no idea what and where I need to to properly post it to my site. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I have gotten used to using Gutenberg and I like using it. Thanks



    I am mostly finding using Gutenberg fine but there are a few things I used to be able to do that I just can’t find anymore. Any advice would be gratefully received. I am using the Plane theme.

    1 – Can I fully justify paragraphs? I seem to have the option to have text right, left or centred but not fully justified.
    2 – Can I make text black? I can’t see that in the standard colours anymore.
    3 – Can I still have a featured image? On the document settings my options move straight from tags to excerpt with no option to add a featured image.
    4 – I used to be able see when I already have posts scheduled on the calendar but when I go to schedule a new post now, I can’t see anything which was previously scheduled. Is this just how it is now?

    Thanks for any help anyone can give.



    I have tried every possible which way and the scribd embed system is not working.

    I have simply copy/pasted the wordpress specific shortcode from scribd into the shortcode editor and the shortcode is simply displayed on my live website, I have tried to paste the scribd HTML into the code editor and nothing works, and I have tried entering the link to the scribd PDF page into the Scribd URL enter, and then get an error saying ‘Sorry we could not embed that content’

    I am very frustrated.


    In reply to: Links Wordpress 5.0

    Hi –

    For help with the WordPress installation you’ll want to visit https://wordpress.org/support/ or the Gutenberg forum directly.


    Topic: Get rid of Gutenberg

    in forum Support

    Please eliminate Gutenberg! It is painful to use and the visual results are nonprofessional. It is not suitable for production work. Using it takes too long. Just stop it!


    In reply to: New wordpress

    Hi oksanaberda,

    oksanaberda.com is a WordPress.org site hosted by Bluehost, rather than WordPress.com:


    We can only help with WordPress.com sites here so I recommend posting to the WordPress.org support forums for advice. There is also a dedicated support area for the new editor here:


    Best of luck getting this sorted.



    If you’re seeing issues in Gutenberg I’d suspect uBlock Origin rather than the cache.

    Ad blockers like that, among other things, look for and block the JavaScript code that some ads use. Gutenberg, as well as the media library at My Sites, run completely on JavaScript, and the WP-Admin media library also has some elements that use JS code, so it’s possible uBlock could be blocking some code those things need to run.

    Please check if storing an exception for your site, as well as the My Site dashboard and the WP-Admin dashboard for your site, helps with this.


    Topic: 5.0 Gutenberg

    in forum Support

    This is a disaster!!!!!!! Please help me!



    Bingo !
    Thats exactly what it was and maybe u block origin had something to do with it too.
    I am using Firefox 60.3.0esr (64-bit) on Debian and I have noticed other issues with it too.
    Clearing the cache helps but doesn’t last long and it seems I have to do it in order for the media library to function. I didn’t have this issue with older versions.
    Will try other browsers and see how it goes.
    I am curious if it is the cause of some of the glitches I am having with Gutenberg too.

    Thanks for your reply.



    Hi there!

    I understand it can be overwhelming to experience the new editor.

    What you’re seeing is the new Gutenberg editor. It allows website creators to build a website using blocks, which are small drag-and-drop units.

    What is the address of the site on which you’re working?

    If you’re using the self-hosted version of WordPress on another hosting provider, you can install the Classic Editor plugin to revert back to the old editor.

    Here’s some more info on that-



    Hi there, the last time I looked there wasn’t a tutorial for users on using the new editor over at WordPress.org, but there’s a bit of info in the intro here https://wordpress.org/gutenberg/ and although your site isn’t hosted here, our support guide to the new editor may help too. You can find it here> https://en.support.wordpress.com/wordpress-editor/

    Hope that helps.



    Hello @casbonjourney,

    I see what you mean. Regardless, you should be able to copy from MS Word as you normally do and paste it into Gutenberg. As mentioned prior, the visual editor is the default for Gutenberg. And you can switch to HTML using the method I posted about.

    Can I safely assume you are wanting to switch to Gutenberg but want to be sure on this point first? If it helps, I’d be willing to try it on one of my test blogs. Do you feel comfortable uploading a Word file to your site and providing the URL for me to download?

    Alternatively, you can always create another free site on your account to use for testing on WordPress.com without worrying about affecting your current blog.

    Either way, I’m happy to help – let me know! :)


    charleybea, Thanks for the quick reply. I’m not sure if this answers my question. It looks like you were able to copy/paste footnotes into a Gutenberg block, but what I’m wondering is whether I can cut/paste an entire MS Word document that includes footnotes into Gutenberg with the footnotes transferring over properly (i.e., with links in the body of the text that hyperlink to the footnotes), as they currently do with the Classic editor.



    Hello @casbonjourney,

    I tried this on my test blog and was able to paste a snippet of your footnotes into Gutenberg. Visual seems to be the default editor.

    If you need to adjust the HTML, it’s a little different in Gutenberg vs. the classic editor. With the cursor actively in the visual editor of Gutenberg, you’ll see a set of 3 vertical dots at the top left of your screen. Click that and you’ll have the option to view the content in the HTML editor. See screenshot.

    Does this info help?

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