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    I recently signed up for a free wordpress account and noticed that I cannot find a way to embed a script on my page with Gutenberg. I believe this can be done with a plug in but I don’t have access to those with the free account. Would anyone be able to recommend a solution? For example I’d like to embed the below script on one of my WP pages:



    portalId: ”,
    formId: ”

    Thank you!



    Ah, thanks for the video. It appears that your website uses the self-hosted version of WordPress rather than WordPress.com, which is what this forum is designed to help with. Note the difference here: https://en.support.wordpress.com/com-vs-org/

    You may be able to find help here: https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/gutenberg if this is related to Gutenberg, although part of me thinks it might not be since it’s fine in the editor. Since it stopped working recently, unless it’s a theme issue, that may be your best bet. :)



    The website is : http://www.artdeseduire.com

    For the Gutenberg version editor, I don’t understand how to find this information.
    I go to my wp-admin link.

    Here is a video where I reproduce the issue :

    I just see that the emoticon appear with ‘?’ in the preview.



    Hi there,

    Thanks for mentioning this. Could you please just provide a quick few more details:

    1) What is the URL of your site?
    2) Which Gutenberg editor are you using (eg. the one in the “My Sites” interface or the wp-admin interface?)

    There currently is an issue with the Gutenberg editor on WordPress.com with emojis on older devices, although I think the heart should be supported on pretty much every device, so it might not be related: https://github.com/Automattic/wp-calypso/issues/29831

    Let us know and we’ll try to help. :)




    Since the last update, I can’t copy/past unicode icon in the text editor.

    For example on this page :

    If I click on the button “Copier!” and try to past in the editor and then , click on the preview button, nothing appear in my text.

    How can I deal with it?




    Hi there, which are you using (feel free to post here) and where are you using them (eg. a blog post in Gutenberg or the classic editor)?



    Could not create directory. /home/dronesvi/public_html/wp-content/plugins/gutenberg/
    this shows when i tried to install plugins



    I updated my plug ins on our vapropgroup.com wordpress and it has broken the entire site. This error appears and I cannot get to the website, my wordpress dashboard, log in, edit page, or anything.

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM in /home2/propva/public_html/wp-content/plugins/kirki/modules/gutenberg/class-kirki-modules-gutenberg.php on line 186



    Hi there, it looks like you have replies at your original post. https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/trouble-working-with-the-new-word-press-gutenberg-blocks

    Please don’t post more than one thread on the same topic as it makes it more difficult to track progress on your issue. Thanks.


    Using the new Word Press Gutenberg block system, but hitting a roadblock, since I put the headline in, that is fine, but whatever I put in the second block after that repeats itself later in the body of the blog. HELP


    Whatever that second block after title is, it duplicates itself at the beginning of the block. How can I have title, then a subhead, then start the paragraph of the blog.



    Hi there,

    After getting frustrated fiddling around with Gutenberg for a couple of hours, I decided I wanted to install the Classic Editor plugin

    The Classic Editor is built into all WordPress.com sites, and does not require use of a plugin. You can switch to it at any time via the option menu inside the editor.


    After doing some additional research, I was unable to figure out how to easily transfer the domain name

    We outline the steps for transferring a domain to another provider here:


    However, it is not possible to transfer any domain during the first 60 days after registration. This is true no matter where you register a domain.

    We outline other options for using a domain registered with us through another hosting service here:


    I could just entirely start the process over from scratch using Bluehost — a clean beginning

    Keep in mind that if you switch to Bluehost, you’ll be using the open source WordPress software found on WordPress.org, which is quite a bit more complex than WordPress.com. You’ll be responsible for your own site security and backups, unless you select a hosting plan at Bluehost that includes that, and you’ll be responsible for your own software updates of the WordPress software and any plugins or themes you install.

    Depending on your hosting plan you might also have memory and bandwidth limitations, both of which are unlimited even on the free plan with WordPress.com, and you should be aware that Bluehost support will only help you with issues related to your hosting account, not with the WordPress software itself, again unless you specifically purchase a hosting plan which includes WordPress support.

    If you’re sure you want to go the self-hosted route Bluehost is an excellent provider to use, but it’s important that you make an informed decision.

    You can see a comparison of the two versions of WordPress here:


    So I thought if I canceled the domain registered on WordPress.com, I would get the additional $18 back, the domain name would be released,

    You should have received a refund for the domain portion as well. I can refund that for you now. But the domain will not be immediately released.

    Cancelled domains are not released immediately, and it can take anything from a few days to over a year before a cancelled domain becomes available again, if at all. You should never cancel a domain that you still want to use, as there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to use it again somewhere else in future.

    In this case your domain should be available again by next weekend, at which point you’ll be able to register it somewhere else. But there is also the chance that once its released someone else can buy it before you’re able to, in which case you’ll lose it.

    Else we can also still restore the domain to your account.

    Please confirm whether you’d like a refund for the domain, or whether we should restore it to your account.


    Hi there,
    I tried to set up a new WordPress.com page yesterday, and paid for the $96 one-year package with a domain name. After getting frustrated fiddling around with Gutenberg for a couple of hours, I decided I wanted to install the Classic Editor plugin, but that I’d have to upgrade to a $300-a-year business account to do that. So I canceled my account and got a $78 refund for everything but my domain name, with the intention of switching to WordPress.org. After doing some additional research, I was unable to figure out how to easily transfer the domain name; almost everything I read suggested I use Bluehost, which is what my husband uses. So I thought if I canceled the domain registered on WordPress.com, I would get the additional $18 back, the domain name would be released, and I could just entirely start the process over from scratch using Bluehost — a clean beginning. But even though I never got a refund for the domain name, I am now getting an error message saying that the domain is not accessible, and that it’s associated with ‘another wordpress.com account.’ I actually think it is somehow still associated with my account — after all, I paid for it! — but I’m unable to access it. Is there any way to ‘reactivate’ this domain name? I really would like to use it, and since I’ve paid for it, and WordPress.com still has the money I paid for it, it seems like I should be able to. Thanks for any advice you can share! #modlook



    Hi there,

    So we’re having an issue with the new Gutenberg editor. We center align an image in the editor, but when previewing it, it’s left centered. Right centering is right centered, left is left, but center does not work.

    We’re on the free plan, so can’t edit the CSS in any way, so any theme based suggestions are most appreciated.



    beginner. possible to disable without upgrading to business?


    In reply to: Gutenberg blocks


    Thank you!
    Twenty Nineteen I knew, these others are also interesting.

    It is still it bit hard to find the gutenberg optimized themes that support the blocks fully, especially the themes that support the wide cover images, they tend to be still in a column with side margins instead of being as wide as your screen.

    Kind regards!


    Hi again, @csheger ,

    Hmm. I have a few thoughts, but I would need to know your site URL to be certain what is happening. Just to let you know, if you are using a self-hosted version of WordPress from WordPress.org, then you would have to visit their forums to get the assistance you need. We can only help you if you are using a WordPress.com site.
    WordPress.com and WordPress.org
    Forums | WordPress.org
    Without seeing your site, this would be my best guess…

    If you created your Contact page before the new editor (Gutenberg) was introduced, and have since converted the page into blocks, then your contact form would be transformed into a Shortcode block, not a Form block. Perhaps during the conversion into a Shortcode block, some of your form contents have been misplaced?
    When you open your Contact page in the editor, do you see a block titled “Shortcode”? Does the content of that block look similar to the Shortcode listed on this support page?
    How to Add a Contact Form with Shortcodes
    This support page only lists the old editor. I believe staff are currently updating support documentation to match the new editor, so we should see a new version soon. You could edit the shortcode you see in that block to make changes to your form.
    Also, the new editor does have a block called “Form”. If you’re not comfortable editing shortcode, you could consider remaking your contact form with the new “Form” block.

    I hope that all makes sense. Let us know how you go! :)



    In 5.0/Gutenberg so that I can no longer get a word count of selected text/a particular ‘block’? I can not use this service like this, this is basic functionality that I need. Pretty …ugh… hard to stick to “positive and productive” language here. I am furious and disgusted. What were they thinking?



    Hi @chantalcoolsma, it looks like that’s a bug. Our translation team is working on a fix, but in the meantime, they said it’s safe to ignore anything that that seems buggy in client/gutenberg/extensions/ /


    In reply to: Block Editing

    Hi –

    Which block type were you having trouble with?

    In any case, you don’t need to use it. Just click on the ... in the upper right corner, and towards the bottom of the menu find the switch to classic editor option.

    If you’re working on http://gwyllm.com/, then you need to disable Gutenberg and install the classic editor plugin.


    Help for sites that run the open source WordPress software will come from the community forums at https://wordpress.org/support/

Viewing 20 results - 1 through 20 (of 495 total)