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    Are you sure? I thought classic galleries were removed from the classic editor a few weeks ago. The video in the link you posted seems to be presenting obsolete information.

    Have you tried it? I just did, and I was able to create a gallery, using the classic editor at My Site ->Posts, exactly as shown in that video. If you’re using WP-Admin it works differently – there you click the Add Media button, and then the Create Gallery option – but there also hasn’t been any changes to that process.

    There is no reason at all why we would remove galleries from the classic editor.


    But I also tried to edit the page using a connection at my day job where I’m on a 1 Gbps line. I didn’t get the error there. So you may be onto something there. Still I would think 69+ Mbps download speed is pretty respectable.

    I doubt it’s the connection speed. I’m on a 5Mbps connection (yes, I know!), and I can edit your pages without problem. So rather, something between your computer and our servers are causing the connection to time out.

    In your screen shots of the console errors I see a > 6 in a red frame next to the runtime errors. Do you see any additional info if you click on that?

    1) Why pages instead of posts? Because I don’t really want to use the functionality of a blog. I’m just interested in the site as a way to organize information that won’t have a broad appeal.

    Fair enough :)

    Many people use their sites like that.

    2) Why did I pick WordPress then? Because it has a good reputation and after testing several other services over a month or so, it came the closest to fulfilling all my requirements

    That’s good to hear!

    I currently have 4 top menus and 67 sub menus. I expect that to grow to 6 or more top menus and 120 or more sub menus with a total of about 2700 pages.

    I would definitely expect that you’ll start experiencing problems with a menu containing 2700 links. A menu is one of the elements on your page that loads in full when someone views your site, and 2700 links on a single page load is a lot.

    Maybe I should be using a database-driven site. Maybe WordPress is the wrong choice for me. I would really appreciate your comments in this regard.

    Perhaps just having an alternative to a menu would work. For example, create pages for the different categories, and manually create an index of links on each respective page. Then you can only add links to the index pages to your menu.

    As the Gutenberg project that gave us the block editor expands into full-site editing we might also be seeing the introduction of menu blocks, which would allow you to create menus inside pages, rather than just a plain list of links, so that’s something to keep in mind.

    But otherwise a wiki-type site, or another format that is more based on a searchable database as you say, might be a better fit. I’m afraid I’m not able to suggest possible platforms in that regard, though.



    Yup. I’ve filed the bug here if you’d like to follow along:


    Topic: JW Play video embed

    in forum Support

    I am used to using the Classic Editor and the JW player embed system to insert videos to the site. With the Gutenberg Editor, it appears the only option I have to add video is via uploading from my files, or from our media library. Is it not possible to embed a video file using the JW player anymore? If so, can you help me understand how to do so within the new editor?

    Thanks so much.



    In reply to: fatal error

    what has happened to my site and how can I fix it?


    Topic: fatal error

    in forum Support

    Cannot redeclare class ThemeIsle\GutenbergBlocks\Posts_Grid_Block in /home/haggisce/public_html/wp-content/plugins/themeisle-companion/vendor/codeinwp/gutenberg-blocks/src/blocks/posts/class-posts-grid-block.php on line 0


    In the classic block only images added via the gallery option will ever show the carousel.

    Some of my posts have a mix of single images that link to carousel and single images that link to attachment pages.

    What exactly are you editing directly in the HTML?

    I started pre-Gutenberg and was too lazy to figure out how to replicate the same appearance in blocks, so I just kept cutting and pasting and editing the same html. One reason I’m doing this is to learn/practice html and blocks don’t help with that.

    Looks like I’ll have to switch to pure blocks to fix this. However, I appreciate everyone’s time trying to figure out what’s up.



    Hello: I am brand new at all this. I am using the WP Button2 theme that is supposedly compatible with Gutenberg. Here’s the mystery. My computer does not appear to ‘see’/read the lines around the paragraph box nor the handles on the side for drop and drag. At least on the Button theme. My friend’s computer picks it up, but not mine. However, my computer DOES read the box lines and drop/drag features on the 2019 theme. Just not on Button2. This makes it kind of cumbersome to move text and photos around. Might you have some insights that could help? Thanks so very kindly for helping a newby.

    I have failed to put image link on my wordpress website. I have tested with WP 5.1.1 as well as WP 4.9.8 and now I have installed 4.9.9. All plugins have been deactivated and .htaccess file has been regenerated to do away with any fault therein.Still image links to amazon products are working. Sometimes 403 forbidden and some other times ‘updating failed’ are the only greetings from the wordpress editor irrespective of whether it s classic editor or gutenberg block editor.Can anybody help me?


    Hi there,

    On what site are you working? The account you’re using to post here does not own any sites on WordPress.com.

    If you’re using the open source WordPress software at another host, please ask for help at https://wordpress.org/support/forums instead.

    That said, there’s no way at all that Gutenberg can affect traffic to your site. It is just an editor – a way to write your content – and it does not change anything in regards to your site’s SEO settings.


    Since the time I updated to WordPress Gutenberg, there is a massive loss in my organic traffic. I’m 100% sure it is only after the new WordPress version 5.0 update. I have tried all other means to get back my actual traffic, like removing plugins, updating the theme, etc., but of no use.

    Is there any way to stop this organic loss.


    In reply to: Soundcloud


    Hi there,

    I tested on my end and failed too. So I think there is a bug on Gutenberg. So I type this shortcode, and voila it works!

    [soundcloud url="https://soundcloud.com/richard-stringer-1/god-of-all-grace"]

    You may want to use this shortcode for now, maybe until they fix the bug.


    In reply to: WordPress.org


    There is no way to contact anyone there. I have had an account there for some time, gave gutenberg an honest but negative review. A moderator there locked out my primary account. (locked and disabled).

    So I created one under my business account, left a one star review for another plugin I use, and they locked out that account as well.

    There does not seem to be a way to raise this to an ‘upper level’ person there or to even contact a single soul. The moderator(s) in question keep locking out my accounts. They should not have that authority if they abuse it in such a manner or do not agree with any of my reviews.

    They have locked out accounts cherlihy and DelBook with zero explanation. I had hoped someone could get this over to whoever oversees the moderators there and find out why they are persistent on locking out my accounts after reviews of plugins.


    Hello folks, Just adding that the new Block Editor (aka Gutenberg) in its current iteration, is a content editor. It is not yet a website builder like the ones @pdrw07 mentioned.



    Adding to the @pdrw07 reply

    Yes, you can create your site through WordPress with drag and dropping feature.

    You can try using Gutenberg (A new WordPress editor it is also drag and drop editor ). Gutenberg is a free editor that WordPress .com site have by default.

    The new editor brings with it a new, effortless page- and post-building experience. With blocks, you can quickly add and customize multiple media and visual elements that used to require shortcodes, custom HTML code, and embeds.


    But still if you feel that something is missing or you might be familiar with the other drag and drop plugins and want to use that then you can refer to the plugins mentioned by @pdrw07.

    Let us know if you have any doubts.

    Hope this helps



    Yes, it is. It is nor working in my test site for Gutenberg.


    In reply to: Space between images

    Thank you for responding. My website is silenthiker.com I put up a test post to show the problem. See how the gap between photos is only one space. Even on the thumbnails it won’t allow further separation. When I hit the space bar the cursor will not move further.
    Other info that may be helpful – I am using a classic editor plug-in called Disable Gutenberg. I deactivated all of my plug-ins other than an SSL plug-in and Disable Gutenberg and the problem still exists. Before that I tried to insert photos while using Gutenberg like I normally do and I could only separate the photos by one space and also tried using the Classic Editor plug-in created by WordPress.



    Forgot to add this: I’ve tried every way I know of adding a caption — adding it to the photo in the media library, adding it below the photo in the Gutenberg editor, etc. — and the problem persists.



    I have a new blog on WordPress.com, but I would like to switch back to classic editor. Gutenberg is complicated for me. Is It possible to do this?
    Thank You.

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