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    Hi! Thank you for responding back so quickly. I actually updated and re-updated both Elementor (Version 2.3.4) and Gutenberg (Version 4.6.1) before the posting this. Unfortunately, I still have this problem. :(

    Update: I think I have a better idea of what’s happening. Under admin, in the Post Page, the add new (posts) drop-down button shows that I can add a post with Elementor, Gutenberg, or Classic Editor. Elementor works perfectly fine. Gutenberg only shows the Classic Editor template that only allows for text or HTML. And when I click the Classic Editor, the web page is almost completely blank.

    Somehow, WordPress (or something) mixed the Classic Editor with Gutenberg and then, somehow, erased the paragraph building themes of Gutenberg. This seems pretty abnormal since no one mentioned this happening before. But if not, does anyone know how to switch Gutenberg and Classic Editor back?


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    It seems to be completely missing from the Android app

    I just wanted to let you know that it was revealed yesterday that Gutenberg is going to be added to the WordPress apps in February 2019. :)



    Has Gutenberg come to WordPress.com or not?

    The Gutenberg/block editor has been available for opt in on WordPress.com for several weeks, yes. You should see a prompt to enable it both in the editor at My Sites, and if you go to the WP-Admin page for your site.


    It is not the default yet. It’s opt-in only at this point. That does not mean it’s “not here”, though. It just means we’re giving our users a choice, and implementing it gradually.


    It’s really confusing. Has Gutenberg come to WordPress.com or not? I’m not anti-Gutenberg – I expect to be updating my self-hosted sites within the next few days. Recently, I did try out Gutenberg on one of my WordPress.com sites, and it was fine.

    I expected WP.com to have switched to the new editor by now, but my WP.com dashboards are still saying “Test the new editor today. Gutenberg will soon be the new WordPress editor. You can try it before the official release by activating it here.”

    So, please could you clarify what’s going on?



    I am a writer. I cannot write in Gutenberg. It is distraction-heavy, I don’t think in ‘blocks’ and it’s just impossible. Will there be a future option to remove the blocks? Or do I need to get the Classic Plug-in and start looking around for an alternative to WordPress? I loved WordPress but this feels like an existentialist threat to my working process.


    Oh! My apologies for missing that. We’ve been running the newer version for a few weeks now here. But WordPress.com is always a little different — in our case we’ve integrated Gutenberg into our Calypso editor, for example.

    On WordPress.com sites, you can switch to the classic editor by using the three dots in the upper right of the post — Classic Editor is an option on that menu.

    You *shouldn’t* be losing formatting anymore, so if you are please send a link to an affected post and we’ll check it out.



    When I click on the “Write” button to create a new post, the editor that loads is what I think is referred to as the “new editor” (not Gutenberg). Very streamlined with a Title block and two lines of buttons. When I save the post as a draft and then re-open it to continue working on it, it appears in an entirely different editor. What I would call an older version.
    My question is how do I make what I think of as the new editor the only one I see?



    Hi there, which editor are you using? Are you using Gutenberg (the block editor), the Classic Editor, or the WordPress.com/Calypso interface?


    Whoever decided that Gutenberg is the best way to publish a blog is definitely not a writer. I give it a 2 on and scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best. I prefer Classic Editor function and have wasted too much time trying to save classic editor and have it for my next blog post. Please assist.


    I know that this is the WordPress.com forum and I am talking about WordPress.com.

    I do not know when WordPress V5.0 core will appear on WordPress.com. Perhaps this will be when Gutenberg “becomes the official editor” to quote the phrase on the dashboard?

    My request relates to that moment in time. It needs to be clear to users precisely what options there are for moving between Gutenberg and the Classic Editor even though you at Automattic may choose not to use those terms.


    Hi @efpunter, these forums are actually for the sites here at WordPress.com, which is different than individual WordPress.org installations.

    On our servers we don’t really allow plugins (unless one has a business plan) so it would be a bit different here.

    But I know there’s a lot of info out there right now. Matt went over a bunch of it on his site:

    If you want to go further with this, you might try jumping into the conversations over at https://wordpress.org/support (the forums for self-hosted sites), or even at make.wordpress.org.

    I hope that helps!


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    Hear, hear Luckyyotter, and thank you for speaking up! Gutenberg is rubbish.


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    Wordpress has lost track of its purpose by introducing this overly complex, fiddly and time-wasting editor ‘Gutenberg’. I use WordPress to write and I write about still images, photography. I want the result to be as simple as the pages in a book; words, pictures. I have no interest in stuffing about tizzing up my pages – it’s the CONTENT that matters, not how it looks. This new editor INTERRUPTS the writing process…where in the past I could just insert a new image and then keep on writing, now I have to stop, put in a ‘block’ for the image, then start a new ‘block’ of text and then if I want to reposition the image later I am faced with cutting text form one block to another to keep continuity…it’s just AWFUL. I’m retired and I pay good money to use WordPress that I could use for other things. You’ll soon learn that there are many other customers who feel as I do…betrayed. “We love positive and productive discussions” you say? Well I love it when you treat your customers with consideration and have the courtesy to politely ask before you force monumental changes on them. By 2022 I’ll make sure my content is hosted elsewhere.



    Hi! Although I have had a wordpress site for a few years, I am still very novice at this whole process. I updated to 5.0 today, and, of course, the ‘Hey, you might want to backup your stuff’ notification was COMPLETELY ignored by myself. (pretty much because I don’t know how to back up…), and now the Gutenberg is showing an error message, which means I can’t log in to fix anything. The site is a wordpress site, but hosted elsewhere, so this platform – my way outdated site – is the only way to reach out. How does one fix this?



    How can I remove the option to use the new editor from wordpress? I am using WPBakery Page Builder and with this new updated from WP rolling in, somehow forces me to use the new editor. How can I remove the option?


    One for the WordPress.com suggestion box. As WordPress 5.0 has now hit the streets can I make a request on behalf of WordPress.com users for a clear and simple explanation of the various editor options that will be available to users.

    I am not asking for myself. As somebody who has been tinkering with Gutenberg on both WordPress.org and WordPress.com for sometime I have a rough idea of the direction of travel. However, I help various individuals with WordPress.com accounts who currently have little idea.

    The explanation should cover the upcoming period .. say 6 months?, i.e. not simply what it does today and include ..

    the choice of default editor .. what is it and how to change it .. note that I find the current wording on the dashboard of “try Gutenberg out” confusing / misleading .. also there is no mention anywhere that if a post is saved in Gutenberg and you wish to revert to the Classic Editor that you may lose some formatting.

    the options as to the choice of editor per individual post / page.

    To repeat .. I am not looking for a reply here. I am hoping for a support topic which will give clear and concise guidance to all users on the editor options.




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    2022? Well, then I will have to export my blog to another platform before that time comes, because I tried the Gutenberg editor and absolutely HATE it. It’s not intuitive and I can’t understand the block system. I even watched some instructive videos but just got even more confused. I’m a writer, not a tech person, and I just want to write my posts and not have to be playing around with “blocks” and not being able to see the whole page at once like I can with the classic Editor.

    I’m very angry that WP just decided to make this huge change without finding out how the people who will be using it feel or whether they wanted that change. This isn’t the first time WP has done something like this and it’s extremely annoying and frustrating.




    Hi, I’ve started using the gutenberg editor and can’t find the read more tag. Is this not available or am I just unable to find it? Please let me know. Thank you.




    my Chrome version is now 71.0.3578.80. I am using the Independent Publisher 2 theme.

    To be clear, the text which I sent yesterday is how it appears in the Gutenberg editor with various space characters having seemingly disappeared.

    When the post is rendered on the website the spaces re-appear without my having done any editing on the post.



    I have experienced the same problem. I use Chrome v70. Here is a paragraph written in Word and pasted into Gutenberg. This is how it displays in the editor. However, when the post is viewed the missing space characters reappear!

    Here is some rhubarb to hopefully demonstrate that spacecharacters between words are lost when pasting from Word into WordPress. Anumber of months back, pasting was frankly abysmal, and I adopted theworkaround that was mentioned in this topic, i.e. by using the paste text icon withina classic block. Pasting from Word has significantly improved since then exceptfor this current problem.

Viewing 20 results - 21 through 40 (of 361 total)