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    Topic: Gutenberg

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    There seems to be some conflicting advice about Gutenberg. I understand that it is to be implemented on November 19th for 5.0. I am on a free blog and to be honest would prefer to stay on the classic editor. I post four or five times a day and mostly in a set format. Some people say that to use the plug in that keeps the classic editor you need to upgrade. Can you please let me know what my options are. Most of the articles are written by tech minded people for tech minded people. For the vast majority of those who are more mature… the whole thing sounds petrifying and I have already heard people saying they won’t continue. Appreciate some clarity please. thanks Sally



    I typically resist change but decided to dive into Gutenberg. Little by little my fears are being alleviated and overall I like it.

    Colored titles … an easy fix with CSS (and I’m NOT super techy!)

      h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 {
      color: #00ccff;

    Inserting video through gutenberg was my challenge today. Couldn’t do it with gutenberg… had to go back to the classic editor to add it.

    Wishlist … I wish you could just color individual words in a text block as opposed to being limited to applying a color to the entire block. I suppose I could go back to the classic editor for this feature… but I’m not gonna constantly go back & forth.

    Overall…. we’re movin’ ahead.



    I’ve figured out the issue.

    The WordPress site I’m working on (https://www.esc.org/) uses the Carrington theme. For whatever reason, upgrading WP to the new Gutenberg editor ignores most of the content on the front page while editing. Switching back to the Classic editor allows you to edit the entire front page once again.

    I’m building a new theme for the site, so hopefully Gutenberg won’t be an issue, but it does set a worrying precedent where older themes may not be compatible with the editor.



    In this thread, you can read a detailed feedback about Gutenberg

    Cheers! :)



    Curious to know your experiences.
    Frankly, I like my theme. I’d rather focus on composing content and showcasing my photos.


    Where are you clicking on “copy a post”? On the black lefthand menu? (which leads to what may be the Gutenberg editor). That doesn’t work for me either. In /wp-admin if you click “All posts” on the black menu then at “Posts” “Add new” in the grey to the right and click the arrow to select the classic editor then you finally get to the real classic/wp-admin editor and “Copy a post” works. I have tagged this for staff as there does seem to be an issue.


    In reply to: Moving Text Blocks


    Hi there,

    Since you mentioned text blocks, are you using Gutenberg editor? Apart from moving the blocks using drag and drop, you can actually click the Move Up and Move Down arrows to re-arrange your blocks.

    I’ve recorded a video on both ways here: http://recordit.co/RwRQHj265z. Can you try out and let us know if that works?

    Do let us know if you have further questions, we’ll be glad to help. And please let us know your site address so we can help with you better.


    Perhaps you could try a different browser to check. That option displays for me in the My Sites/Calypso dashboard, the classic /wp-admin dashboard and Gutenberg:


    Thanks, dkmyta. We found the ‘New editor’ box to uncheck and the Gutenberg message went away. For now.


    In reply to: New editor

    We can avoid using it but it appears to be difficult to eradicate it now here at WordPress.com. I have “new editor” unticked in screen options but still if I use “Posts” “Add new” in the classic /wp-admin black lefthand menu I end up at /wp-admin/post-new.php in what I assume is the Gutenberg editor (the layout is certainly different to the Calypso/My sites editor).
    The only way to create a post the old fashioned way seems to be at /wp-admin/post-new.php?classic-editor which is found by clicking on “All posts” in the black lefthand menu and then moving right to “Posts” “Add new” in the top left corner of the grey screen and using the arrow to choose the classic editor. If there is a way to make the classic editor the default in the black menu (without all the extra mousing about/clicks) I too would like to know how.


    Topic: New editor

    in forum Support


    I hate the new format (gutenberg)! How can I get back to Classic – permanently?


    I used the Gutenberg editor to add a gallery to a page but the thumbnails are static (fixed size). Clicking does not bring up a full size image. I chose this theme years ago (Bueno) and don’t know if I need to change themes or add a plugin or what might be the best course. Can anyone help?



    Hi there,

    I came across this recent thread regarding the Gutenberg implementation process that may speak to your inquiry:


    From what I gather, all will have the availability to disable the Gutenberg editor and revert to the Classic editor at their choosing.



    We are quite happy to type our html and even avoid the current visual editor so we are not at all looking forward to Gutenberg. A business plan, which would allow a disabling plug-in, is too expensive for us. Please, please, allow all users to disable Gutenberg when it descends. Better yet let those who want it opt in. Our blog is not broken yet. Please do not fix it.


    I’ve been searching for almost an hour for the right place to leave a review for this theme … It is fantastic and I’ve even tried it with Gutenberg (though at this point I think I’ll be reverting back to classic because of its ease).

    THANKS for this fantastic, easy to customize, and very easy to setup theme.


    Topic: gutenberg

    in forum Support

    hi there, gutenberg doesnt seen on tools menu neither plugins section. But when i try to install it again system says gutenberg is already installed. But in the pages section cannot use gutenberg i can use just classical editor. It doesnt seen. why?



    Hi there,

    You can turn off Gutenberg by deactivating Gutenberg from your admin dashboard.


    Good Luck.



    Hi there, Thanks for the detailed feedback. You can also leave feedback on Gutenberg by taking the survey at https://wordpressdotorg.polldaddy.com/s/gutenberg-support



    Feedback on the use of Gutenberg in WordPress.com.

    Theme – Independent Publisher 2

    Document. I deliberately chose my largest document (~21K words), so not your typical size of post / page; with images from the media library; a handcrafted table of contents with links to take the user directly to each section; some shortcodes for a number of Getty Images that are used; and a handful of bordered sections which display information which does not readily fit with the general flow of the text.


    Overall, the experience was not as bad as some people might lead you to believe. There again, I have been tinkering with Gutenberg as a WordPress.org user for a while so that was obviously an advantage for me.

    Text colour in headings. I use colour in some headings, principally when a theme doe not make a good enough job (in my opinion) of differentiating between levels. This is easy to do in the classic editor but I cannot see a way to do it in Gutenberg, without diving into CSS.

    Handcrafted table of contents. The conversion to blocks removed my labels (HTML anchors). I guess that it did not like the way that I had originally defined them, although they work ok in documents created via the classic editor. I have worked out what format the Gutenberg editor expects, and I have started to modify my existing table of contents accordingly so that Gutenberg will convert them ok.

    The shortcodes worked fine.

    The bordered sections had been implemented by using the HTML .. . From memory, I think that I found this method on WordPress.com Support. The converter removed the and and tended to split the content into multiple separate blocks, e.g. where there was a bit of text followed by a list, it produced a paragraph block and a list block. By using “the edit in HTML” facility I was able to recreate these bordered sections. It is a bit messy but fortunately there are only a small number of them.

    Performance. Obviously, it can be affected by many things, e.g. the network and the load on the WordPress.com servers. The figures below should therefore be taken with a slight pinch of salt, but they do serve to give an indication of likely performance. Gutenberg has to do a lot more processing than the classic editor, and hence longer response times are inevitable. This may hardly be noticeable on modestly sized posts but they are in this extreme instance. My only gripe is that the editor gives no indication that it is working, leading to the “did I really click on that .. should I click it again” syndrome. Some sort of work in progress message would be good for lengthy processing.

    Some timings.

    Load 21k word page into the classic editor ~2 secs
    Load 21K word page into the Gutenberg editor, resulting in a single classic block ~ 8 secs
    Convert 21K word page with a single classic block into multiple blocks ~ 24 seconds
    User views 21K words page created in the classic editor ~ 2 secs
    User views 21K words page in blocks created in the Gutenberg editor ~ 7 seconds.

    Re the size of this document, I had in fact already decided to split it up into multiple pages (a) because it can be sluggish to display it in WordPress 4.x and (b) I had already decided that response times would perforce be greater in Gutenberg. Currently, the largest page is about 8.5K words. The time to convert this page to blocks comes down to around 10 seconds.



    I’m assuming you dismissed the box, but don’t worry! You can get it back pretty quickly.

    1. Go to your dashboard (https://albedoarlee2.wordpress.com/wp-admin)
    2. Click “Screen Options” (top right hand corner)
    3. Check the box that says “New Editor”

    The Gutenberg option will now appear.

    4. Click “Deactivate Gutenberg”

    Let us know if that works for you. :)

Viewing 20 results - 21 through 40 (of 145 total)