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«offline» blog editor which works with pages and tables

  1. I am looking for an «offline» blog editor to use with my hosted blog.

    I am on a Mac.

    I would like to edit pages as well, and not just blog posts, and to handle tables (which is my main reason to use an off-line editor).

    I already tried blogo, which does not work with pages, and mars edit, which does not retrieve all content of the blog, but only gets backward 2 years (while the page I have to edit is from 2007... :-()

    Thank you.


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    The blog I need help with is

  2. Thank you, I will.


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  3. Ecto does not edit pages (just posts) and does not do tables as yet.

    To your knowledge, there is not any editor which work with tables?



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  4. I don't use Ecto (or other off-line editor) but as I said, I don't think it makes tables. There are on-line table generators which you could try. Do a Google search.

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  5. Ecto does edit pages, but it does not have table functions. I use it all the time.

    In Ecto, go to Weblog > retrieve pages.

  6. BTW, there aren't any Mac offline editors that do tables. I know because I'm always on the lookout for one.

  7. Use Word and import it into your post. Or if you are technical, in notepad or some other editor design your table using Xhtml. Copy your code and paste it into your your WordPress WYSIWYG HTML view. For WordPress themes with one sidebar most have a 650px width. I would give myself some room by making the width 640 px or 95%.

  8. Using Word is not a good idea. It may be a fine word processor for print, but it does not speak html.

    Many people come to these forums trying to fix problems caused by using that software which is not designed to be used for blogging.
    It may work once, twice, etc. but it generates so much junk code that you will have problems sooner than you want.

  9. @tommysimpson,

    Your information about the width of themes with one sidebar is incorrect, even for the Tarski theme connected to you user name.

    Themes with one sidebar have lots of variations as to content width; see here for maximum image width (and presumably maximum content width):

  10. @1tess

    Sorry for the sig, I will not add it again, and thank you for telling me.

  11. KompoZer may be useful.

  12. @tizianosolignani

    no worries about the signatures; that is an issue that can be confusing for new comers.

    I hope you have figured out how to edit pages with Ecto? If tsp says it is possible, then it is. He is much more experienced than I will ever be.

    Have you figured out how to write your tables?

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