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איפ"א-קבוצת כתיבה

  1. כאן כותבים בכיף:
    אתי בן זיו, גבי דרורי, יהודית לוי,כנרת סגל, ליאת פלד,מאלי נמני,מירה להק, שוקי כץ

  2. This is an English speaking forum.

  3. That is Arabic, right? Doesn't translate with Google.

  4. No its Hebrew ?

  5. If it is, the translators I'm using are choking on it as well.

  6. This is what I get with the 1-800 translate website.

    Aip"a a group of writing

    Here write with pleasure:
    Ethical ben radiance, dorsal my liberty, Jewish Levy, Kinneret is a corps, Liat Pld, Mali Nmni, Mira group, markets of Katz

  7. I asked my friend -- and blog regular -- Gordon Davidescu to pop in and see if he can help.

  8. Dr Mike, don't go anywhere near Israel for a few years, k?

  9. @rc-nonsense, I'd have you all over for coffee anytime.

    Dr. Mike, you owe me a new keyboard to replace the one drenched by my suddenly expelled morning coffee. That machine translation got it like all machine translations-badly!

    "IPPA Writing Group
    This is where we write for fun/pleasure:
    Etai Ben Ziv, Gabi Drori, Yehudit (Judith) Levy, Kinneret Segal, Liat Peled, Molly Nimni, Mira Lahaq, Shuki Katz"

    Regardless, this post is rather pointless because no matter how pleasurable it is to write, there's no link to any such organization that I could find.

    Pardon the Hebrew- נו? (Translation: NU?)

  10. That is Arabic, right? Doesn't translate with Google.

    whoops :)

  11. @atthe404: Pshah! No big deal. Lots of similarities between them. My hubby still remembers his HS Arabic and his father, a Russian immigrant from the early 1900's, spoke Arabic too.

    After a *lot* of sleuthing I found a couple of the names mentioned here on but I really don't understand why ippador3 didn't bother including a link. (hand smacking forehead)

  12. UPDATE:

    My friend Gordon couldn't really understand the question, but his feeling was the initial post was more of a "Hello world!" greeting than a support question.

  13. let me confirm :) this is hebrew.
    איפ"א ( I.A.O.D) - writing group.
    here writing with joy : eti ben ziv, gabi drori, yehudit levi, liat peled, mali nimni, mira lahak. shuki kats.

    * there was question here, they just wanted to say we are here , getting our attension, but they didnt give us a link anyway :) i found their site , its in hebrew, nothing that can be useful for you guys :)

    i have a question, i tried uploading my own header, it came out so bad, now the problem is , i am not able to put the default header back , i tried changing the theme and then back to old theme, but the header is still there, i even deleted that image from uploads, still nothing works :) can anyone help me ?

  14. Thanks for the info.

    In future could you please do a forum search for your topic and start a new thread instead of posting a completely different issue to this thread? It makes it easier to reference threads in the future.
    In any case, I found this which might help:

  15. realy i m sorry for that, i just thought this thread was usuless anyway so.. i just thought saving time by asking here, well anyway i hope u can understand , i m realy sorry , i will not repeat that again.
    :-< thats the second time i m being scolded here :( ppl make mistakes sometimes, especialy the newbies , try to be more sensitive to others if possible. u know now i am a bit scared to ask something again, scared to do something wrong again. ppl are not robots u know.

    anyway, tnx for the help, it was useful for me, now the problem is solved, tnx again :)

  16. I'm just a volunteer posting in a forum. I'm really not trying to put the beat-down on you, I'm just trying to teach you the right way to use the forum. The best way I know how to do that is tell you. I'm really, really good at beat-downs, but they look like this, not like this. It's generally a good idea to react less emotionally to things that are not themselves emotional.

  17. lol i guess i should be thankful then :P
    i would like to chat with you in private if possible, i got some questions for you :)
    you can pm me at yahoo msngr, my id is sensitive.nature, or email to [email redacted] :) i hope u will, tnx.

  18. Gawd some people are just suckers for punishment:)

  19. :)

  20. tnx atthe404 , i will defenetly keep that in mind, i guess its time to leave this place, God bless u all.

  21. My computer crashes when I use Yahoo, so no, I won't be doing that. You can communicate with me through my blog if you want.

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