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  1. 最好在点击某一个分类的时候,把这个分类的所有文章标题都列出来,而不是列出全文,这样便于阅读。

  2. Babelfish'ed for those who don't read the langauge.

    Should better click some classifies, this classified all articles title all lists, but lists the full text, like this is advantageous for reading. This function too has been useful, did not know wp unexpectedly hasn't done why.

  3. oh,thank u, drmike!
    i'm from china,so i use my motherlangauge.

  4. 看到标题中文大吃一惊阿,亲切!
    but is there any one of the key masters that could understand Chinese?

  5. I think I understand what the OP poster is asking about. He's stating that he would prefer to have, when a visitor clicks on a category, to have the articles list along with a small portion of the text. What is occuring now though is the entire text is listed, making the page too long to be useful.

    I do believe that this is dependent on the theme that you are using. Unfortunly, I'm stuck on a dumb terminal and can't download code to take a look at it to be sure.

    I do remember though that there are different function calls when an article is displayed. One is called displayStory() which displays the entire work and the other called displayBlob() which only displays the first 100 characters or something like that.

    Without being able to modify themes, we're pretty much stuck with what the theme author intended though.

    My suggestion would be to choose a different theme. I believe Hemingway does this. Not sure about the others.

    Hope this helps,

  6. thanks,drmike!you are very nice!

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