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-- change the width of a page (not the complete theme)

  1. hello,

    my theme is 480px width (ambiru), but I would like to change just the width of a page I've created inside my blog. keeping the rest with the original width.
    is that possible ussing ccs??

    thanks a lot.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm afraid not, with the Ambiru theme you can only target the "home" page individually, everything else will share the same layout.

  3. It doesn't look like it with your current theme. You could slightly widen the content of a specific page but it'll still fit within the 500 pixel-wide wrapper.

    Widening the width of the main column can only be done for the overall blog.

  4. thanks for your replies.

    what I want to do is to be able to insert a youtube video inside a page (not the home page) with a width of 640, but it´s automatically cut off because the width of the theme is limited to 500px.

    so... could I insert a video of 640px width even with this 500px limit and that the video were not cut off?? ...using some css trick???

    I know that if I change the global width I am able to do it, but I would like to keep it in 500px.

    just one more question, as I change the width of everything I see all my blog is moved to the right of the screen,

    how can I put it again in the center?? (just in case I decide to resize the global width)

    thanks a lot from madrid!!!

  5. You can resize the video so it fits in the space you have but there's no way to widen just one page so that the video will fit in at 640px. You can specify the width using the youtube shortcode:


  6. hello again halluke, that´s what I do using "w=640", but then the video is cut off because the width of the theme is 500px

  7. Yes, what halluke is saying is that since what you ask, ie the full-sized video not cut off, is impossible, that you resize the video instead. It's really your only option.

  8. yes! I do resize the video... but it´s cut off because the theme is 500px width. I don´t think I can resize the video to 640 width having a theme with a limit of 500px width....

  9. That's right, you can't. You will need to have the video resized smaller to fit the width of your current theme. There is no way you can display the video at 640 pixels wide without it being cut off or without increaing the overall width of your main column for every page of your blog.

    I would recommend resizing the video to 450px which should work just fine in your theme. To do this use the code I posted above but change the URL to the desired youtube video.

  10. thank you for your answer.

    I think I will resize the hole thing, as I really want my youtube videos (which are very important in my posting) to be big enough.

  11. @3delamadrugada
    You have two options.
    Option 1 - Purchase an annually renewable CSS editing upgrade and resizie the Ambiru theme to accomdate the videos.

    Option 2 - Change to a theme that will accommodate the large videos. If that's the option you select then please see here for alternative themes you could choose to use >

  12. Option 3 [already rejected] - Resize the videos to fit the Ambiru theme.

  13. thanks timethief. I´ve already purchased the css upgrade, and I will resize the ambiru theme, as I really like it´s simplicity.

  14. @3delamadrugada
    Okay, I just wanted to be sure you knew what all three options were. Best wishes with your CSS editing. :)

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