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... deleting a post impossible?! (theme "White as Milk")

  1. hi,

    i'd take this days one of this wordpress blog accounts, caus my one webspace doesn't provides a mysql-database. i felt happy, how easy this all works. then i choose the theme "White as Milk" and wrote some example-post to have a idea of the (css-) layout.

    afterwords i decide to fill in instead of these examples some real post with real text. all did work fine. but, when i would like to delet these first created examples, it happened that a message appeared which meant, i'm not allowed to delete the selfwritten post: "You don't have permission to do that."! i'd wonder a lot, cause i am the admin of this blog ...!

    should anybody have an idea, why that happens or how i can workaround this unlucky circumstance?! does it belong to the that my account is a subdomain of but ...!

    furthermore there is another problem with this theme "White as Milk". it does use the "widgets" called extensions. when i'd use to drag some of them to take place in the sidebar, in the following it happened, that some other sidebar-functionalitys disappeared there. uups. it could be relieved only by revoking this action.

    i do use wordpress 2.1 (german version) installed on another webspace and non of this curiosity took place there.

    anyway WP is a wonderfull piece of software and i feel lucky that i've found it!

    Clemens / Berlin, Germany

  2. Yes, you answered your own question. is upgrading the WP version. Somethings will seem weird for a while... Try again at a later time. :D

  3. hi waffle,

    thank you for your brief and enlightening answer.
    allright, in this case i'll like to wait ;-)

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