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^-^ I created a blog yesterday, already I'm addicted, but..

  1. ..I guess I'm effectively talking to myself. .___.
    Idk - how do you go about 'advertising' your blog/finding other blogs to follow? =3

    On another note, I've just put up a poem of mine:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Keep posting in the forums, getting involved! Leave other bloggers comments. Try using Twitter, make a Facebook fan page for your blog, or simply send it out to everyone on your e-mail address book! Just make sure you keep consistent, well written and thought out posts. Good luck!

  3. Blogging's easily the most addicting thing. I just started last month and can't stop.

    All I've done so far, is like sarahbaram suggested, use twitter. And when you do tweet with the link to your blog and the title or whatever, make sure to al so enter something like "#poetry" the #poetry will make your blog show up in the poetry category of tweets where it can be seen by anybody that types "poetry" into their search engine.
    I advertised my blog a couple times on my two favorite Pens hockey blogs, but I don't really do that anymore.
    Also, as sarah said, engage yourself in the community here. Open dialogue on posts that you like or find interesting on somebody else's blog.

    I'm by no means an expert, these are just some things I've read and heard.

    These are some articles that I found very useful:

    Very useful blog for someone new to blogging.

  4. PROMOTION is the key word to making your blog successful!

    Simply try to advertise it anywhere and everywhere to attract readers. Contribute to forums, comment on your own and other blogs and use social networking sites to tell friends about your new site! XD


  5. I just started as well thought about posting a similar topic. Thanks for the ideas.

  6. You're very right. It's an addictive thing. Good luck to you!

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