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1 Billion hits

  1. Ive seen a few blogs with a million hits, is there any with a billion!?

    I reckon if blog for my entire life I might get to a billion

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Ours has just over 600 million so far, which I believe is 0.6 of a US billion, though in UK terms is only 0.0006 billion! Ah well....

  3. Wow, I feel really small on the food chain...I barely have 500 and I thought that was quite an accomplishment... :D

  4. That is just unfathomable. I jus hit 1,000 and threw myself a small party. Congratulations to you.



    I believe the first 10 are somewhere close if not more than that.

  6. WOW, for the person who hit over 600 million please recommend my blog..

  7. Stats ain't accurate, I have done a piece on this one recently (
    I even have problems communicating with this Forum and other bloggers via comments.

    I keep check the IPs and the entire show is like so unreal.

    If things are normal, my blog could be already a billion... LOL~

  8. welcome to visit my blog travel :-)

  9. quixoticzephyr

    Perez Hilton must have a billion by now. :x

  10. pornstarbabylon

    Maybe Twitter. I think I read it gets 20 million hits a day. There's also Myspace and Facebook.

  11. You do realize that Ihavebadteeth is just kidding, right?

  12. I mean... a billion hits is almost uh. completely unnecessary unless you have a product you're trying to get on the market or something. I think that having a good readership, and somewhat of a closer relationship with your readers/comment leavers, is more valuable that even a million hits. It all depends on what you're trying to accomplish with a blog IMHO.


  13. Why are a billion readers only important if you make money from them? Don't their ideas and appreciation count? Aren't they important?

  14. I'm just saying it seems like it would be an unnecessary goal unless you were trying to somehow utilize a BILLION hits. case and point, facebook, myspace, all those social networks and celebs have those kind of numbers because they are "selling" something, either their selves as a marketable item, or their organization which will only thrive if there are numerous people partaking in it.

    Why else would you need a BILLION hits?

    of course everyone is important, I was touching on why one would NEED a billion hits other than for straight up marketing.

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