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1 blog and another

  1. Just now when I checked my site, I saw that my blog was " connected" to someone elses. How did that happen? I hadnt even given permission for the same..
    Can another person access my stuff /edit my posts/ delete anything from my blog/ or just basically play arnd with the posts I have or write..?

    How can I remove this particular user from having this type of access to my site?

    In case u didnt understand what I meant, its just that when I open wordpress and sign in, instead of just my username which I click to access my dashboard and do my stuff, I have another username also tthere which I can click and see their dashboard.. It has become something like a combined thing.
    I do not want that.

    PLEASE Help..

  2. Contact support about this, giving full details. Full.

  3. And change your password to something that would not be easy to guess.

  4. Sometimes this happens when someone makes you admin of a blog without asking you.

  5. so what do i do about it?

  6. Contact support with all the details.

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