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    You’ve heard this problem before but maybe not like this. I wanted to post multiple galleries on one page. I chose to use the ‘include’ shortcode option, which I thought worked out pretty well (http://charleskellom.com/personal/artists/)

    …That is, unless you view the page from a mobile device, then all the images in the media gallery for that page pop up. Here’s some screencaps of the same page from my iPhone:


    Anyone know a solution? I’d prefer not to use the other multiple gallery technique of having to create individual posts for each gallery and then re-link them, especially now that this page is so close to being done. But if that’s the only way, let me know.

    PS – My blog doesn’t go ‘live’ until May, so excuse all the generic posts and lack of content on other pages.

    Thanks for any help!!

    The blog I need help with is charleskellom.com.



    First I’d contact Support directly about this problem with the mobile theme.

    Second, as this problem may not be fixed before you launch, to be 100% certain that your page behaves the way you want it to be, I’d create subpages and move each artist to their own page. I know this is not the answer you’d prefer to hear.



    Another option is, of course, as you have mentioned by creating individual posts and then collecting them on a single Page (either as a Page or as a Category page). As I have no idea how the mobile theme would display this option, I certainly would test it first.



    JustJennifer – Thanks for the suggestions. I just sent a note to WP support and will let you know what they say. I think I’ll hold off on making any changes until I hear back from them. Thanks again.

    In the meantime, anyone else experiencing this same issue? Any other thoughts?

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