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1. why is the spacing off on preview 2. Why won't FB use by top picture?

  1. awakeningtothedance

    1.Why are there spacing problems on the Preview before I save to a draft manually? When I write a post and look at it in preview, in preview there are huge spaces between the paragraphs that don't appear in the post box. I have to manually save the post for the preview to show the post the way it really is. This problem never happened during the first 2 years I used WordPress. it's only happened since Dec. and No, I can't send you a screen shot.
    2. when my post is automatically posted to Facebook, FB takes the second, not the main first picture and puts it on FB. Why? I don't want this. It always used to choose whatever picture is at the top. How can I control this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I cannot answer 1.

    re: 2
    Unfortunately, we have no control over the images that Facebook chooses to display or when they choose to flush their image caches. We really only send them the URL of the post, and they hunt through that for the excerpt and images to include. From:

    Does this help?

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