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1 Year of Blogging

  1. Hard to believe, but my blog is coming up on 1 year of blogging...
    Would like to celebrate it - but not sure how.
    Anyone got any ideas on competitions/celebrations/et al that I could do?

    Looking forward to doing something!

  2. Congrats!

    You could do something like the FNFF at Gawker: invite all your readers to stock up on beverages and join you in liveblogging a chat through the comments section. Great for hits, if you can get a critical mass of talky people participating.

  3. I posted a Happy Birthday Blog! entry on my anniversary and readers left lots of nice comments.

  4. Not sure the 1-year-old present in my household lends the situation towards rampant alcoholic consumption rain... nor do the clashing time-zones.

    And the Happy Birthday Blog? Ummm... nice if it'd work - but sports-bloggers aren't really the sensitive type. I could put it up & not get a single comment - now that'd suck!

    I was thinking more along the lines of a competition or something...

  5. You can post ahead of time informing your readers about the upcoming
    1 year aniversary and how you want to reward them,you can now post
    a contest and prices to be won.Example can be for the top commentators
    for that week /2weeks or even for a month .You can ask other bloggers to
    write about it in their postslike a review of your site or just to mention the
    contest and stand a chance of winning whatever price you decide to give,you
    can also encourage others to donate prices,and get a review from you or a
    link whatever works.Remember am new so my ideas might
    not worth anything.Congrats in advance.

  6. Some decent ideas Ty...
    And some that got my own creative juices going.

    And no probs on being 'new' - we all were once (hell, I still feel so).
    I appreciate any ideas anyone has...

  7. And 1 year down...

  8. Happy Blogiversary!

  9. What is the date with malice? And congrats!

    Have everyone here write about you on that day, with congrats and a link to your site. Gathering all WP bloggers to do it and give the link love as a gift. Set a new record of hits! Which might be hard because your hit count is so high. But to break a record number in celebration of it. Anyone who comes to our site will be asked or challenged to go back and do the same on their blog.

    Who is in? If there is enough time, I'd like to make up something special :)

  10. Maybe do a top 10 posts list from the past year to celebrate the anniversary?

  11. Congrats!

    Top 10 lists seem to be the closest thing there is to failproof. I don't know what part of the psyche it comes from, but it would appear that the only one universal truth ever is gonna be
    Mars. Needs. More. TopTen. Lists. You know know all you will ever need.

  12. Clifford - good idea... I think I will do that!

    And thanks all - June 1st '07 is the day I started...

  13. Hey, and put them in a text widget. "Best of Year One" or something. People love stuff like that, and this will give it longer life.

  14. Nicely done RC...

  15. I got an idea, start reading my Blog! haha

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