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10 days? God help me..........

  1. Grrr. I'm visiting my mom and she is driving me crazy already. This is my second day. I have about 10 days left. So yesterday was the first annoyance. She invited people to come over for a birthday thing for me without telling me ahead of time. So she couldn't bring me to the store to pick up what I needed for my son and I. Cause she was waiting on company. So when I got here I said that I needed to rest for a few minutes because I had been up since 5am and was up late the night before. So I rest for less than an hour and come down and she says their not coming cause you were resting and I called and told them and now they are mad at me. UGH. So I call my brother and tell him I will see him on the weekend. (It was him and his fiance and there friend who were invited.)

    So then I say can you take us to the store? So that was another ordeal but I won't get into that. I didn't get the stuff I needed...

    Last night she was acting like it was important to get to bed RIGHT NOW. So we get up there and she spends the next 30-45 minutes screwing around with the vaccuum!

    She just put me over the edge a little bit ago. I FINALLY got my son to nap. And what's she do? Starts making a ton of noise. Turns on the dishwasher, turns on the water in the sink, shuffling around where he is sleeping, talking too loud. I made a few faces like "UH keep it down?" But didn't say it cause EVERYTHING hurts her feelings. So she goes to the bathroom and when she does I turn off the extremely loud dishwasher. She comes out and turns it back on! I said "hey I turned that off cause it's too loud and he's sleeping."

    She gives me a HORRIFIED look and says "I didn't know!!" That was it. I just walked away. Had to complain to someone and this is where I stumbled upon after a few google searches.

    Heres the thing with my mom:
    1) She gets her feelings hurt by almost anything.

    2) She takes everything as a personal attack. Example- at the grocery store someone gets in her way she thinks they did it on purpose to be rude to her. A woman in her neighborhood doesn't give her a huge smile and a loud HELLO! when she says hi to her. My mom thinks the woman was being snobby.

    3) She thinks she has to be making plans that include everyone and then keeps changing them when someone can't be there. Basicly making a huge ordeal out of something simple. Making it a chore for herself so she can pull the martyr act.

    4) Gets offended when the wrong thing is said OR what she wants to hear isn't said.

    5) Makes visitors uncomfortable with her need for everything to be clean and perfect. Example- Water splashed on the sink makes her crazy. Can't shower in HER bathroom. Dishwasher gets ran several times a day when there is only a few dishes in there. Gets annoyed if you use too many dishes. Doesn't want to brew a second pot of coffee cause she already cleaned the coffee pot and has it set for tomorrow.

    6) Can be somewhat (ALOT) of a hypocrite.

    7) Complains about everything.

    8) Undermines my authority with my child. Example- "no you can't have a cookie." She gives him one when i'm not looking and then does the horrified look and "I didn't know!!!!" When you tell her she was wrong. I tell him "no we aren't buying that." She buys it anyways.

    9) Thinks she is in competition with me for my childs affection. Yeah right.

    10) Acts in a controlling manner.

    I need some xanax.

  2. Maybe what you need is a blog.

  3. Just blog it!

  4. You need a blog. Definitely!

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