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100 Girls, 100 Days

  1. So I'm new to the wordpress/blogging thing, and wanted to just plug my site a little bit. It's basically me trying to date/hook up with/have encounters with 100 girls in 100 days. Yes, I'm actually doing this. No, the goal isn't just sex. It's about playing the field, finding out what works/doesnt in regards to women, sex and dating.

    The blog I need help with is

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  3. What doesn't work is dating a different girl every night, but the gimmick for the blog is pretty cool!

  4. Very cool idea. Interested in future blog entries.
    Try using the pick up lines on my blog and see what happens! Haha.

  5. Very cool idea. Interested in future blog entries.
    Try using the pick up lines on my blog and see what happens! Haha.

  6. not really a pick up line kind of guy

  7. If you haven't checked me out, nows the time

  8. Ok dude i dont really know your reason behind this "100 girls, 100 days" but i cant tell you one thing that if you intend to do it online then thats a little bit creepy. Just thought I would let you know.(no offense intended)

  9. I can't say this floats my boat. Seems a bit like playing with fire.

  10. First of all, tdillinger, I know people who have goals similar to yours. It gets exhausting, trust me. Not just physically but mentally too. You have to be super organized to keep all those girls straight in your head and also to keep your schedule in order. I think a lot of people are going to talk bad to/about you and your project. As long as you are truly coming at it from a perspective of "playing the field" and making yourself better in the process then you aren't "a little bit creepy". You just have to make sure that you keep it in that self-improvement category and out of the self-gratification category.

  11. i feel like i've been doing that.

  12. I like your blog. You seem to have a good balance between playing the field and knowing when to take it further. *Subscribes*

  13. thanks jonas

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  15. [quote]She’d tell me about how shes had sex, and the boys she’s been involved with. She’d tell me about the hearts she broke, and the hardships of her life. I bought her another drink and just took in the experience. If I was a different kind of guy, I would have been set with how drunk I got this girl. But I wasn’t that kind of guy. [b] I was the kind of guy to buy her a few drinks, listen to her, and politely kiss her forehead before I settled the tab and walked off[/b].[/quote]

    Is this the type of action we can expect?

  16. I don't understand what you are implying with that question

  17. No judgments here DUDE !!! ..... I did my time in Boot Camp and scored big time (Worldwide)...... BUT. And this is a very BIG BUTT Esse - Have you ever considered the idea of Quality Time with your Date ? .... Or do you have serious doubts you can impress the ladies for more than a 3 minutes Nut POP!!! Later :-)

    PS: Your Peeps seem cool, but please choose your words carefully.

  18. classy

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