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    I am getting 1000+ hit from Yahoo Image Search, one single term hitting the same page. This has really skewed my stats. It happened two days in a row on one blog (same page) until I put the post private, I re-published the post later. It also happened on my second blog yesterday.

    Anyone else with this problem?


    I’ll tag this for staff attention and hopefully someone will be around soon to take a look for you.



    Several blogs have reported this, even Raincoaster has had this happen to her site – Yahoo changed something and they carpet bomb a site with referrals for an hour or so then go away until the next day



    Yep, I don’t know what Yahoo is doing, but I always say it’s a problem when stats go down and an interesting situation when they go up.

    It’s not “skewed” stats. It’s unusual, but honest, stats.



    This has happened to a few of our users, and our systems team traced it to an Internet Explorer toolbar called FunWebProducts. When a person using the toolbar visits your page, any image from Yahoo on your page generates a spike in automated visits. It’s not spam or anything malicious on your own computer or your blog. You can safely disregard it, but thanks for letting us know. :)



    “Any image from Yahoo on your page” eh? I have never used an image from Yahoo. Are they including Flickr in this?

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