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1,000 times better than MySpace!

  1. So I use to have this MySpace account because I outgrew Blogger. I had over 100 blogs and one day out of the blue, MySpace deleted my account. I remember reading something about WordPress so I decided to give it a try.

    I got to say, I love this site and the service it provides. It is so much better than Myspace. I was so sick of the pedophiles and profiles with 6 gigs worth of horrible animated sparkly gifs and music videos.

    Thank you WordPress!

  2. LOL. I agree about MySpace. It's not really a blogging platform. It's all about computer-exploding profiles that no modern machine can keep up with. Those people must be extremely patient.

    I made the move here so I could actually blog without getting the "unexpected error" message. Also, there's more publicity here because of the tag system and automatic pings, etc. In the short time I've been a member, I've had over a thousand views coming from tag surfers and searches.

    WordPress is a pretty great platform, even with it's limitations. :-)

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