10/12/2012 I couldn't open the webpage with my websait

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    10/12/2012 I couldn’t open the webpage with my websait  – psitrening.wordpress.com  As I found out my webpage on the wordpress.com was connected to the unnown to me ip address –, that was blocked by my internet provider – Onlime, by the order of the prosecutor’s office of Moscow district Butirskiy, becouse this address was connected to the  http://haamash.wordpress.com/  и  http://jamagat.wordpress.com. These websaits are concerned in Russia to the extremists websaits.
    I declare that my websait – psitrening.wordpress.com has no any relation to the extremists websaits, extremists activity or any law breaking activity. 
    The access was blocked with these 6 address:
    lb.wordpress.com has address
    lb.wordpress.com has address
    lb.wordpress.com has address
    lb.wordpress.com has address
    lb.wordpress.com has address
    lb.wordpress.com has address   
    So, that’s why I’m asking to take some appropriate measures in this situation and to inform me what should I do  to provide  the access to my websait again. Maby in this situation it wil be better to connect my websait psitrening.com to another ip address that wouln’t be  in that ban addresses list.
    To contact me please write at this e-mail: (email redacted)
    Sincerely yours,
    Evgeniy Efremov.

    The blog I need help with is psitrening.wordpress.com.



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    Use TOR, which makes you appear to be in some other country, which does not ban WP.com.



    Hi Evgeniy,

    The issue is that some Russian ISPs are blocking all of WordPress.com because of some allegedly “extremist” sites. We know of at least two, and NetbyNet has resolved the issue at this point. What ISP provider do you have?


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