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128 x 128 pixel count on gravatars

  1. My gravatar has one pixel count that is 150. Is it possible to decrease it? Other options all have one count that is 150, from Corel Photo House or Adobe Photo Deluxe. It's probably not the same thing but I just placed a photo in a widget on my home page and it's 114 x 149... can I decrease the pixel count or do I have to find another photo?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The gravatar / avatar images on must be square. 128 by 128 px is the ideal size. An image that is 114 by 149 is not square, so it would require cropping of some sort to make it square. It is best to prepare your image before trying to use it as a gravatar.

    Corel Photo and Adobe Photo: can you crop your picture to be square?

  3. A technically perfect square? I haven't been too successful with that yet because I can't find the pixel counts on these programs.

    The photo I'm using as a trial avatar is now on my page titled, "me & my staff." On the home page, the link to it is on the upper right. It's the one of my dog, Daisy. It's the one that is the most square. Maybe you can tell me what you think.

  4. oops, there's no title under her so that's how you can find her. 2nd to the left. what a cutie. she's begging me to quit this and take her for a walk.

  5. The gravatars are perfect squares…

    So cute, Daisy! And your office manager there looks like my Mikey!

    Sorry. I have not used Corel for many years, so don't know the program. Are you talking about Adobe Elements? I have photoshop, but I think there would be a way that you could open a square canvas or crop a square out of your picture with that?

    On my Mac, in photoshop, holding down "command" and "shift" constrains a crop to a square. Is that a useful clue or not?

  6. Daisy and Harp say aw shucks and Annie is now jealous. I don't have Adobe Elements and actually, Daisy is on Corel right now. I can put her on Adobe Photo Deluxe Home Edition 3.0. It's a really old program.

    I can't find "command" on my keyboard. Do you mean Control? I tried control shift and nothing works. Does it just need to be smaller? I can crop it smaller.

  7. So funny. I figured out how to make the picture a square. All I have to do is change the height or width or pixel. Problem is, she no longer looks like my dog! Her entire head gets contorted to be much smaller, thinner, and her eyes get closer together. Yuck!

    Good news is... Anyone wanting to lose some weight only has to make their photos into "squares" and they will lose 6 inches immediately.

    I'm hoping someone has another idea. I don't want to disfigure my dog.

  8. Yikes. Sorry Annie. A cute one yourself, you are!

    And yikes, sorry. I'm familiar only with Macs so I don't know windows-type keyboard commands.

    Square is what you need.

    All my test blogs are connected to my main blog and I don't want to change my gravatar, and I can't remember if lets you crop or resize your picture.

    Perhaps someone wiser than I will be able to help you…

    Best to you!

  9. update... i went ahead and cut it where it says to on the gravatar so her ears are clipped but it is showing in the gravatar space on my profile. if it's that easy and i just need to cut it in the gravatar, then it may be that it's just taking a heckuva long time to show.

    thanks, tess

  10. yes, it can take a while to show.

    Usually it shows in the forums first. It has to work its way through a lot of servers before everyone, even you, sees it.

    Test gravatar here:

  11. The crop features here have been extremely finicky for several months and work randomly at best. Possibly part of the problem is that Mercury is retrograde or it could have something to do with sunspots.

  12. @thesacredpath
    Have you completed your move to paradise, otherwise called Hawaii? Snow here in Michigan, but not so much as other places…

  13. Mercury must be in retrograde. How long does it take to show?

  14. If you cropped here at wordpress.COM, it might not show up till the year 2500.

    For gravatars, while logged into wordpress, go to and click "my account" and select "add an image and crop and upload your image there. That normally always works.

  15. hmm... 2500. I'll be... somewhere else... already cropped it at that same page but not by going to that webpage first. I started at the upload at My Profile but it's the same page. Should I do it again?

    retrograde ([réttrō gràyd]; adj = orbiting in a direction opposite to that of Earth's orbit around the Sun, or of the Moon's orbit around the Earth

    I go against the grain all the time

  16. These are the best practices for uploading your gravatar:

    (1) Prepare the image prior to uploading it and make sure it’s no larger than 128 pixels X 128 pixels square.

    (2) The image filetype has to be either PNG, GIF or JPG. Make sure the file name contains only letters and numbers – no special characters – and make sure all letters are in lowercase.

    (3) Also make sure the image file name has an extension (Example – image.jpg)

    (4) Make your way over to the gravatar site *Note the common questions and answers to them there

    If I had complied with all of those practices and my avatar did not dispaly within a reasonable timeframe, and I could not find anything in the gravatar site FAQs, then I would contact Staff

  17. Hi,
    Here's what I did, corresponding to your numbers.

    (1) I can't find ANY photos with this pixel count or lower. I went by tess's suggestion to have the gravatar cropped.

    (2) It's a jpg. Here's the URL before it got put on gravatar. Is this what's holding it up -the ? and / and =?

    Here's the URL when I right click on the gravatar at My Profile and go to properties.
    It IS showing as my gravatar at My Profile.

    (3) How can I tell if it has an extension?

    (4) Went to the gravatar site and entered my Email, like it asks. My gravatar came up correctly on all the ratings -G, PG, R, X. And then it gave me this code:

    Hash: 14767fe3afa236a40d1585381522e372

    ***It was cropped at gravatar. Should I go back on the website and do it again? I've done it twice now.

  18. This is the actual image, , and it is 1708px x 1418px which is way too large for gravatar to work with.

    I've downloaded your image and made it 128px square. I had to cut off part of the ears since the image just doesn't lend itself to cropping. If you wanted to send me the original image, perhaps I could do more with it and not have to chop off part of the ears.

    The problem is I can't access the dashboard on any of my wordpress blogs right now. I guess wordpress is dead. As soon as I regain access to the dashboard, I'll upload the new image for you and then you can download it to your computer and then go to Gravatar.COM and upload that new image there.

  19. OK, here is the link to the image. Download /save it to your desktop and then upload it at It is the best I could do with that image. With the original full-sized image I could probably keep Daisy's ears.

  20. Why aren't you getting ready? You must be so busy. I guess I imagined you people working from your homes.

    To respond to the 128 square, I did that on my computer, and Daisy's head does not look right. It takes a few inches off her cheekbones. Isn't that what you'd be doing? Daisy will bite you if you do that. She has BIG teeth. She will turn you into a snack.

    That said, you are soooo sweet for asking to help with the image. I'm just thinking it would look like what I got it to look like when I cropped it to 128 x 128 on my computer. She bit me! (Either way, I need to know how to do it so I can try another avatar).

    I can't access the dashboards either. No worries. I can see what you've uploaded and show it to Daisy and see what she thinks. She'll either sniff you down all the way to Hawaii or she'll make you a lei.

    ps: This is a trial avatar. I need to play with the background on it.

  21. Ok, Daisy's making you a lei. That's exactly what it looked like when I cropped it at gravatar except that the pic is smaller. I miss her ears, though. So you must tell me, are you working at this on your off time? Am I stupid for asking that question? If it's your off time, I'm not sending the pic. :-)

  22. I'm at a standstill till Monday morning when I'll do the final pack and walk out the door.

    If you are on Windows, I would suggest downloading and installing the image editing program called "Gimp" which is free and feature packed.

    I use Photoshop (way big bucks) and I can actually set the size crop I want and then the crop box will keep the proper proportion and I can adjust it back and forth to get the image just the way I want it. I expect Gimp can do that as well although I don't know for sure.

  23. Gimp it is. Thanks for the offer, though, it's so sweet. I can do it. It's my homework. I like what you did. It's not nearly as sharp but it is 128 and she's not distorted at all.

    Monday is only a day away! You're going to get a movie on the flight. I wonder what it will be.

  24. @gigisanchez

    Here is a different version. Daisy has white space above and below, so the picture is all included, but a tiny bit smaller:

  25. This is the nicest forum. I wasn't even going to start a site/blog because I didn't have the time but the people here are making it easy. Thanks, 1tess. Last night, I took sacredpath's pic and went to gravatar with it and I'm not sure if it's coming up yet so I'll know in a second. I'll take timethief's advice and contact support if it's not up by tomorrow. It's no big deal, though. I'm not losing any sleep over this.

    Happy Sunday

  26. I see Daisy, here in the forums.

  27. Tell her to come home, please. (I see a snowflake)

  28. @gigisanchez
    "I'll take timethief's advice and contact support if it's not up by tomorrow."

    Good news ... :)

    BTW If you want to chat with fellow then you can post threads to the Off-Topic forum. ;)

  29. I just meant to say that I'm not seeing her, not clear why you'd see my avatar and I wouldn't. Hope that makes sense.

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