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13 Default Categories?

  1. What 'bout a 13 default categories? Those categories can't be deleted (n' "reID" their ID from 1 to 13 if ya want them to look standard). Those categories are:
    - Business
    - Cars
    - Entertainment
    - Family
    - Health
    - Politics
    - Religion
    - Science
    - Sports
    - Technology
    - Travel
    - Uncategorized
    - Video

    Btw, I'll contact the support when they reopen.

  2. What do we need a 'Cars' category for? Put that in a more generic 'Transport' category I say. Why discriminate against people who prefer bikes or trains for transportation?

    'Entertainment' should be split up into at least 'Books' and 'Movies' categories.

    Merge 'Uncategorized' with tags like 'Random' and 'Personal'.

    Add a 'Photos' or 'Pictures' or 'Images' category.

  3. Well the benefit of cronies proposal is that it follows the format of the News Desk on WP. I would hazard a guess that a lot of folk are unaware of how it works.

  4. Can someone please help me contact the support? I can't due to the timezone different.

  5. They probably will do this anyway once they've settled on the final departments. They've already added 'Food' to that list.

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