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14 Sitemap Errors on Google

  1. I'm getting 14 sitemap errors on google. I have it linked to

    Google webmastertools has the following information -
    Invalid URL - This is not a valid URL. Please correct it and resubmit.
    Parent tag: image
    Tag: loc

    I get more and more errors almost every day.

    Please advise.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. 15 Errors today...

  3. No one has an answer?

  4. Google has been entirely flakey for the past several months on the sitemap thing. I've seen people try and submit them and have an error come up saying there is a problem for several days in a row and then all of a sudden Google accepts it. There was nothing wrong with their sitemaps and I seriously doubt there is anything wrong with yours now. If you don't believe me, I just ran your sitemap through Google's own sitemap validator and it came up completely clean. <a href="
    itemap.xml&lang=en&googleTyp=SITEMAP">Click here to see that result.

  5. Shoot, something happened when I created the link. Let's try that again:

    <a href="
    itemap.xml&lang=en&googleTyp=SITEMAP">Click here to see that result.

  6. Well, the forum link thing is broken.

  7. Shoot, you'll have to copy and paste or go here and enter the URL of your sitemap.

  8. Thank you so much for your help! I didn't consider such a site existed to check. It is fine. Thanks again!

  9. Thank you to @thescaredpath for this. I had a thread here in the forum about this same error too. I just could not get Webmaster to validate the sitemap, but, i checked my sitemap with that link and it says that it's valid. What a relief.

  10. Yeah, Google is such a pain lately. I've nearly given up on webmaster tools since they are reporting errors and such that are NOT errors at all. They've seriously gone downhill over the past year, and the past several months that seems to have accelerated.

  11. I really was worried there was something wrong as it kept increasing the sitemap errors and telling me it was an invalid URL. The problem is we tend to believe Google when it says there is an error!! Thank you again, this was a great help.

  12. You are welcome.

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