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15,000 subscribers... Amazing what can be achieved!!

  1. Hi everyone,

    Just a quick plug of our site which will tick over 15,000 subscribers any minute now.

    I created this blog in June 2010 and now have a team of 9 columnists. It's truly amazing what can be achieved and many thanks to wordpress for giving us the opportunity to do it so easily!!

    Of course, we're always looking to improve to please feel free to check out the site and provide some tips/ideas/feedback etc.



    The blog I need help with is

  2. Congratulations! Hit 15,000 this week myself, so I know the feeling of accomplishment.

  3. Hey! You are fellow Aussies! Good to see some more about!

  4. Oooops - too late at night for me - 15,000 Subscribers - very well done! I'm now in total awe.

  5. That's excellent!! Congratulations!!

  6. plasticdaffodils


  7. Thanks for your positive messages everyone!

    I'm also in search of some constructive criticism, some ideas for improvements etc... Anyone have some tips? =P

  8. That's a fantastic acheivement. How did you publicise your blog to get so many subscribers so quickly?

  9. Social media bazmann... Facebook and Twitter mainly. Given we also have 9 writers, that's alot of exposure.

  10. *note to self* need more writers................

  11. Yeah Definately! That's when things really took off! :)

  12. Congrats! I sure hope you have comments that rival that number as well. :)

  13. If I may... how many million views? just wondering

  14. 1.2 million at the moment passionate4pikes

  15. @jnr8 Those stats are amazing! Congratulations.

  16. gamingobsessed

    wow thats amazing I only have a few, I dont wont to seem like a loser but my blog is its a small gaaming blog and I update regularly. once again congrats!

  17. @gamingobsessed You've only just started your blog! I'm sure the blog hits will start rolling in with the more posts you write and comments you make.

  18. thankyou, your making me blush. hahaha! :3

  19. and speaking of blogs I subscribed to your blog @linearfix. love it!

  20. That's a lot! Geesh. I'm excited with my 17 :-)

  21. I thought I was making it big getting past 2,000 views lol.

  22. wow you are big 2000! WHAT! do you have any tips? how did you do it?

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