19K views in July and $0?

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    Hi. I just noticed that my site earnings report has arrived for 07/17 and the revenue is $0 from 0 attempted impressions despite receiving 19,742 pageviews in July with most viewers coming from USA and Europe? 4 ads were running on my site and were active for all users that month. Will earnings be updated?


    The blog I need help with is dragonfeed.net.



    For help with earnings you would want to contact staff directly. Follow this Instructionshere to get to them.

    Thank you kindly



    it’s weird how things are working with wordads, they changed within 2 hours the amount I earned in the report downwards claiming they did a mistake! hilarious




    same with mine, the updated earnings version are downward. The initial version down $1 from previous month. the update version goes more deeper, down $118.89 although attempted impressions rise 36.65% from previous month.


    they are a mess



    Hi there,

    There was an error in the initial earnings posted for July, but it has since been recalculated and the earnings appearing now are correct.

    Regarding earnings going down while impressions went up, that is normal. Advertising rates fluctuate constantly. The online ads system is similar to the stock market where advertisers bid in real time. Additionally rates are vastly different depending on the country the viewer is visiting from – advertisers pay more for views from some countries than from others.

    Unless you have the same exact number of visitors from the same countries every single month, you’ll never be able to calculate a consistent rate just by Earnings vs. Impression totals.



    regarding your last comment about exact number of visitors from the same countries, we at http://www.oikotimes.com have almost the same numbers every month from the same countries which makes it even weirder

    anyway we have to examine all possibilities as this doesn’t work and the way this wordads system creates a lot of suspicions for months now and not only from my side



    Advertising rates fluctuate. Even if you have the exact same number of visitors from the same countries it still doesn’t guarantee advertisers will bid the same amounts on those views. Some moths it can go up, while others it will go down.

    Over the past few years there has a general downwards trend in advertising rates across ad networks, not just WordAds. No one is making as much money from online advertising as they used to. Unfortunately we don’t control what advertisers are willing to pay.

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