1px Blue Line problem in Kubrick

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    I changed the custom header in Kubrick and it looks fine in Firefox but in IE there is a 1px centred blue line at the base of the image. The image is 760 x 200 and so it’s not a size issue.

    Any ideas?



    It could just be a rendering difference. I gave up on IE long ago personally.



    I don’t see it using IE 6.0.2900.2180.

    Best bet would be to call it a theme bug and send it in via feedback. Please state very specifically which browser you’re using so that staff can try to dupe it. A link to a screen capture would help as well.

    We had a thread like this a few months ago and more time was spent on trying to dupe the issue so I’m trying to give a bit of a head start here.


    As requested, Dr Mike, report sent via feedback

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