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1st May, Labour day

  1. Happy labour day to all the labourers around the world. The day for the labourers to get their rights and dignity.

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  2. It's May Gosling Day as well.

  3. and also a holiday lol

  4. It's not a holiday in the corporatocracy of North America, alas. But I'm not going to work tomorrow anyway.

  5. North America's Labour Day is in early September.

  6. Labour Day and May Day are different, though. Labour Day is "we, your corporate overlords, have decided you need a day off to...I don't know what it is you little people do, but you can do it on your own time for once."

    May Day is an active celebration of working people. It is highly politicized and a HUGE deal, especially tomorrow.

  7. And Usama Bin Laden was killed on the same day. Exactly 1 year ago.

  8. Well that is something to celebrate then. :D.

  9. Party at Obama's house!

  10. Usama was killed today, 2nd May at 1:30 AM not on first May.
    BTW who's gonna attend the party at Obama's? Obama is in Afghanistan at the moment. Party is delayed. lol :)

  11. There are LOTS of Americans and Canadians in Afghanistan, silly!

  12. And British. Anyway, it most definitely WAS a Labour Day for my friend. She had a baby.

  13. @Raincoaster
    When one translate your sentence to Urdu, it sounds like this.
    There are LOTS of silly Americans and Canadians in Afghanistan. :)

  14. There probably are. After all, the smart ones left ages ago!

  15. And they've signed to stay there for two more years.

  16. marcobigliazzi

    A little, silly cartoon of mine about May Day:

  17. phoenixtearsheal

    English May day, think it's to with May Queens on floats (big wagons dressed for the occasion) and Morris dancers; and Beltaine fires; the Green Man; and food. Well there's always food, thankfully :D

  18. @marcobigliazzi
    lol :D nice funny character, quite nasty though.

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