1Tess…you're not staff and your replies aren't helpful.

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    Kindly do not try to ‘help’ me anymore. You are closing threads I need real answers to.

    The blog I need help with is belladonichaze.me.


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    Sorry my answer was not happy-making for you but it is true.

    Repeatedly complaining without specific suggestions for how to fix any problem is not useful.

    If you see that the reader has problems, then make constructive suggestions. Staff will not bring back the old format. They may well change it, and now is your opportunity to make productive comments about how to accomplish that. I suggest you take a few minutes to make some constructive suggestions.


    I DID MAKE SPECIFIC SUGGESTIONS. Your sarcasm is unprofessional. You shouldn’t be posting here disguised as a helper.



    I am here to say that I consider your baseless personal attack on Tess to be shameful and right out of line. I suggest you stop now!


    I am not attacking. I was accused of not making suggestions, which I did. You are also member (like me) and I don’t respond to baseless threats. My comments have nothing to do with you.




    belladonichaze – please carefully read the forum code of conduct and decide whether you can abide by our standards:


    Creating threads solely to criticize the behaviour of other members, volunteers, or staff creates an unfriendly, unhelpful atmosphere and is not permitted.

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