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  1. i have two wordpress blogs. but when i "like" a post it uses my first blog's username. i dont want people know it. i want to like and make comments by using my secondary blog. how can i do that ?

  2. You need to go to your personal settings and change your primary blog to the one you want to have show up on your gravatar (that's the image that represents you and your blog and that shows on comments).

    Look here:

  3. thank you very much. and how can i delete this post ?

  4. Only Moderators and Staff can edit, delete or close posts on this forum. Please go to the top of the read and mark it "resolved".

  5. thanks for the answer. since i am trying not to be traced from my primary blog, i wanted it to be deleted. hope they do that. thanks again.

  6. Understood and I'll flag this for Staff attention.

  7. Hi @pcelsus, we don't normally delete forum topics, so that other users with similar questions can learn from the solutions, as well. I have removed the link to your blog - I hope that achieves your objective of keeping the two blogs separate.

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