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2 blog Conflict

  1. I have two blogs: and

    i have the same username and password for each site but i can not post information on either site.

    on ridvan, i can only make drafts but i can not post... i also do not have an options tab on my site..,

    on my shastacounty site, i can not enter into in my dashboard; when i click on the dashboard tab, it enters the ridvan dashboard...

    i have tried to delete either site but from what was said above, you can see that this is impossible...

    ideally, i would like to forward all the information from the ridvan site to the shastacounty site and then delete the ridvan site...

    i would appreciate any suggestions or a nice and clean 123 action...


  2. On ridvan, giennei is a contributor
    The other blog does not seem to be active.

    You can't merge information or transfer content from one to the other.

    On ridvan, ridvan is an admin. Can they promote you? if not, send a feedback.

  3. ok... they are all me... so i will take a look into it... thank you...

  4. ok tried it... but now apparently.. i do not have the correct email associated with it? how do i resolve this?

  5. oh and when you say that shatascounty site is not active what does that mean? i set it up a few weeks ago.. and i can view it... how do i make it active?

  6. Clicking this:
    offers me a new signup.

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