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  1. flicknightshade

    If I have 2 blogs and they are different themes, one for school and one thats personal. can the personal blog be seen via the school blog?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If they are separate blogs and you don't link them to each other or list the personal blog in your account profile (, then the personal one should not be visible via the school one.

  3. If the blogs are both registered under the same username account the answer is "yes".

  4. Thanks, @timethief, I wasn't aware. Where would it be visible?

  5. Every blog has a unique address ie. URL. No matter how many blogs you register under the same username they are all independent and nothing you do on one affects the others. That said if you have a single username account then you have one gravatar and one username/display name for all of the blogs and you can link that username to only one primary blog. So if you want to completely disassociate blogs you need to register another username account and transfer the blog to it. See here for step by step instructions for dissociating blogs Separate Username Accounts – Separate Blogs

    adding users
    user roles
    transfer blog

  6. You username can only be linked to a single blog. If you respond to a comment on Blog B your username may be linked ot Blog A and visa versa. Also if you list all your blogs on your Gravatar profile page then clicking your Gravatar will reveal the second blog's URL. Anyone with basic search skills can use Google search and that will provide results too.

  7. You username = Your username

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