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2 domains for 1 blog?

  1. hi, i was wondering if this is possible, is to long and was wondering if i can have a short 2nd domain pointing to my blog. appreciate the help, il.

  2. What's the url of the blog in question, please? Is it a free blog on or a self-hosted blog using free software from

  3. and its a free blog on

  4. oops, sorry, i am now currently using another account.. i am infolution!

  5. I think you should be able to, as long as you're willing to purchase a new domain. I own a couple of old domains which redirect to my blog; if you register a new domain and then give it time to redirect properly, it should work, but nobody is going to know the domain exists, so it wouldn't have much effect. If you bought it and then went to Dashboard > Options > Domains and put the blog at the new address, that might make more sense; people coming from your known old address would reach the new one. But what that would mean for your Technorati ranking, etc., I'm not sure; you'd probably be starting all over again.

  6. Were you wondering if you could pay $10 per year for both domains? They limit it only one domain... either if it's simply or I have submitted a change request from to

  7. As far as I know you have to pay for each domain and there isn't a limit on how many domains you can have on a blog, but only 1 domain will be the "final destination".


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