2 Dumb questions

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    1. When I load a text message and cut out all the invisible oddities, it still doesn’t allow me to have spaces between paragraphs. That’s supposed to work with , right?

    2. I have two blogs. http://wolffood.wordpress.com works fine. Bookmarks on http://folktalk.wordpress.com don’t seem to come up. Am I missing something?

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    1. What are you “loading” the text message FROM? Is it MS Word or similar? the editor should allow you to insert one blank line between paragraphs.

    2. I can’t even get to wolffood using the link you provided. I notice that the two blogs are using different themes. Have you used the widgets on folktalk? Have you tried swapping folktalk’s theme to the same as wolffood to see if the bookmarks appear there?





    1 – You can force blank lines as well using <br /> mark. You certain themes, you might have to use <br />&nbsp; marks. (Inserts a blank space as well.)

    You may also want to try using the standard editor instead of the rich text one as you’ll have better control over your code.

    2 – Cornewll, that’s because he or she left out the *.com out of the address and left in the ‘www’ when it’s not needed. I’ll fix the links in a second. I do see links on both sites though so I guess the issue has been fixed.

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