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2 home buttons >-[

  1. I realize that theres plenty of posts and FAQs about this but i just don't understand. Someone please help me to understand the whole parent thing. Also, did i understand correctly that if I don't use a ends up going away and the public can't see it?

    Basically the originally "home" page is nowhere to be found. I can't tell it to be a child or a parent or to just go away.

    It's really confusing :(

  2. original**

    PS..please help :(

  3. please give us a link to your blog

  4. You are not spamming us for a honeymoon *contribution* are you?

  5. haha no
    i just don't want 2 homes >-[

    plus its not even set up yet haha

  6. you just need to set your current home page to be the child of any other page you have made: the proposal, the honeymoon, etc. I don't think it really matters which one.

  7. i love you, judyb
    thanks so much. i needed to just hear it really simple like that

  8. You're welcome, and thanks for the love (but don't tell john and/or jenn) ;-D

  9. I'm new here. Don't understand how to set parent child...I have to say: I came over from Blogger and find this MUCH better. Still learning the ropes. Can anyone tell me about changing the font colors too? I seemed to be able to do it for the header but the rest of the highlighted text still shows up orange.

    Thanks. Also open to any feedback!


  10. sorry;
    my blog is:

  11. @jacqueline1230
    Hi there,

    This is the method for font changes that you can use to do a post or page at a time
    If you purchase a css upgrade then you can change them throughout the entire theme.

  12. Here's my feedback. Please link your username to your blog rather than to your blogspot blog. -> Dashboard -> Users -> Your Profile
    scroll down to "website" and insert the url for your blog then click "Update Profile".

  13. jacqueline1230

    How about the "home" button? After someone reads a post or comments I'd like them to be able to click home to go back up to the front/top. Thanks!

  14. I don't think a home link is possible with your theme. When you click on an individual post, the sidebar disappears and that's where you'd put the link. You can't click something you can't see, after all. :)

    If you change themes then it's simple to do; you just write a link to the front of your blog and place it in a text widget, something like this. Hope it helps.
    <h2 class="widgettitle"><a href="">Home</a></h2>

  15. jacqueline1230

    Okay, so I updated my profile.

    Do the other black background theme/templates have that disappearing side bar thing? It seems if the sidebar disappears that is MORE reason to need a home but for ease of navigation.

    Is it hard to switch themes? Will photos, links etc. be lost?

  16. @jacqueline1230 - changing themes is simple and nothing is lost. In your dashboard, just choose Presentation. You'll be at the gallery of themes. Click on any that interest you to preview it and if you like it, click on Activate this theme.

  17. {waving to ellaella}
    Some themes like Black Letterhead display sidebars only on the front page. So if you want a theme that displays sidebars on every page then you will have to change themes until you find one that you like.

    Switching themes is not difficult -> Presentation -> Themes and no data is lost when you switch. However, the widgets in the new theme will be in default display and you will have to rearrange them to suit you here -> Presentation -> Widgets

  18. jacqueline1230

    thanks so much for the rapid response, all!
    I did just look through the theme options. I like the black background but not the orange type...thinking of the gray ones....they seem to keep sidebar intact. is it possible to change the gray to black? I just taught myself enough html over the painful past year...nervous about going CSS and having html 'stripped out' ...

  19. The only way that you can change the background colour in any theme is to purchase the css upgrade and do the work yourself. There is no staff support for learning css editing. From time to time bloggers who have css expertise come to the forum and lend a hand.

  20. {waving to tt}

    jacqueline - I've changed my background a couple times and black's a snap. If you tell me which theme you're interested in I'll try to provide the code if you're interested in the upgrade.

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