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2 issues

  1. I'm having 2 issues I need help with.

    1. My custom fonts randomly don't appear to be working. If I refresh the page it usually fixes it, but I hate to think that is what some people are seeing when I want them to see the custom fonts.

    2. I changed my domain name, but I can't figure out how to change to my new domain name in general settings. This means that the automatic sharing of my blog to places like Facebook are showing my old domain name, which I don't want. How can I update to my new domain name in Settings, General? It doesn't give me the new one as an option.

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Thank you on the Facebook advice, but under Users, Personal Settings it doesn't allow me to type in my primary blog address. It's just a dropdown menu with the old domain name as the only choice. That's what I want to change.

  3. See here for a picture and instructions:

  4. Oh, wait, that wasn't your question. Sorry. Ignore.

  5. Thanks anyway. I said the place wrong when I first stated my question. I said general settings but I meant users personal settings.

  6. You change the Blog Name in Settings->General.

  7. Yes, but, well, I've mucked up Facebook settings a couple of times. I'm not a Facebook user and don't really "get" it but for work I have to deal with it. If it is a mapped domain, is it only a matter of the title in settings—>general? My brain needs coffee… or sleep.

  8. There's no place to change it under Settings, General.

    And, I probably need some sleep myself :)

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