2 issues: Images in RSS & category order

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    Hi, I’m new and first want to express my thanks for the excellent FAQs and forum. I tried searching on these topics but didn’t turn anything up so would appreciate any advice.

    1) Can images be transmitted through an RSS feed? I have a weather feed on my sidebar and would prefer to include the dynamic image (clouds etc) rather than the text, which is descriptive but kind of ugly.

    2) Is it possible to manually change the order that categories appear in in the sidebar? I’d prefer mine to be in an order other than they currently are.

    Apologies if these are dumb questions or if I missed an FAQ. Does it help to link to my blog? If so then it’s: http://krakowreflektor.com




    Welcome to wordpress!
    (1) The rss feed(s) for your blog transmit posts and comments. If the images are in posts then the image code will be transmitted.
    (2) The order categories are displayed is alphabetically. This was the choice of the theme designer. It is standard and cannot be changed. You can choose to have sub-categories as well by naming a category as a “parent” and placing sub-categories beneath it like “children”. and this will help with the set up and configuring of categories widget.
    (3) This will introduce you to some basic wordpress resources.



    1) Just for reference, images do show up in RSS feeds. I noticed them in my webcomic‘s feed.

    2) Best bet would be to copy and paste the current HTML for your categories into a Text widget and order them in the way you want.



    Just for reference, images do show up in RSS feeds.

    Just for reference, images do show up in RSS feeds.

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