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2 language blog + 1 home page for both?

  1. Hi
    I have a blog in french and wanted to have the exact same one in english too (with all the content being exactly the same), so I read in the forums that to achieve this you can only create a second blog in the second language rather than have a bilingual blog. Is it possible to have a "main page" where you only have the options to choose a language, each language button then sending you to one of the 2 blogs?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We can set only one interface language for our blogs here > Settings > General

    You can have 2 blogs in 2 different languages, of course, but we have don't support automatic translations between them. You'd need to write a blog post in the two languages and then post to each blog (or post the two versions of the entry on the same blog, make each language category, create a custom menu and add the categories pages to it).

  3. ok, thanks, but I've seen this answer before. My real question is can I manage 2 blogs on the same website name (URL) or will I really have to re-create completely a different "site" and thus create anew URL. Can't I just have a and then ?

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