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2 letter subdomain

  1. Could I have for my family blog?

  2. Have you tried it?

    I know that sounds like a dumb question, but see if you can register it. If you can then it's yours. :)

  3. If I could, I won't be asking. Subdomains need to be 4 letter and above to work.

  4. It's a requirement of the software. It's there on my MU install as well.

  5. My apologies. I went to the homepage and it was quite happy to just have yu in the title. Obviously I didn't go any further in case it worked and took the address.

    To be fair, you didn't actually state that you had tried it, I just read it as if you hadn't and were asking for permission. I'll butt out now.

    Subdomains need to be 4 letter and above to work.

    If you knew this why did you ask?

  6. Its impossible to do it thru the register.php, but would an admin allow me to do so?

  7. If they won't allow it you could use something like I know it's not as "cool" but perhaps it would solve your problem.

  8. @ cornell
    What a good idea. I think adding the word family makes the name even more specific and directly connected to what the blog is all about. :)

  9. Thanks cornell and timethief, I might try that later.

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