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    Hey Folks,

    I have a questions for you:

    I have two blogs on my account. Is it possible to post under 2 nicknames? On the one blog ‘nickname A’ and on the other one ‘nickname B’.
    I tried to change the nickname, but it seems to be, there is only one nickname for your whole profile. Is that right?

    Can anyone help me on that one?

    Thanks a lot



    One account = one nickname.
    Even if you have multiple blogs you still get one nickname.
    Your login details are the one constant across all this domain.



    You could create a second user, add that to the blog and then post as that. It would mean logging out and it to change the user every time though.



    This would be REALLY great if you could have one nickname for each blog. I understand the username cannot change, but username and nickname are 2 different fields. I have about 12 wordpress blogs that I would like to move to wordpress.com, but this may be the reason I don’t.



    I agree… I can understand one username per account, but one nicname? This just encourages users to create >1 account.



    I agree, it would be great if we could have different nicknames for different. i just tried doing that and was surprised that I couldn’t. what’s the point in having a nickname field in addition to the username if you can’t switch it selectively across your blogs? and now, i just wasted a blog name because i want to post with a different nickname and can’t.

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