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2 or more columns in one post?

  1. hi

    is there a possibility to put 2 or more columns in a post. i just want to do this on one single post, so is there some sort of code, i can put in my post?

    thanks a lot

  2. panaghiotisadam

  3. Off topic, Panos. Do you have an article on custom blog backgrounds (for users without the CSS upgrade) on your blog? I kind of remember you had one.


  4. somehow, html doesnt work in my blog :/ but thanks anyway

  5. @dveblo
    In case Panos is not around to answer right away >

  6. Thank you, TT but that's not it.

    I was talking about the color/image background for the overall blog. Someone asked on my blog how to do it, but don't have the time to explain fully so I thought to refer this person to Pano's blog instead.


  7. so sorry >.< my bad, now it works. thanks :)

  8. panaghiotisadam

    @devblog: Sorry, no - I only have a survey on themes that allow you to change bg color or set a bg image the "legitimate" way, not the "loophole" way.

  9. bummer... I'll just refer the person to that page. Thanks.

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