2 Problems 1 with site title and 1 with email

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    Whenever I make a new blog it’s given the default email of (xtremedeveloper@[redacted]) even though I changed the email on my public profile to (tom-brown@[redacted] indeed it autofilled the wrong email to this form. Secondly I have changed the title of a few of my blogs by going into settings, general but the My Blogs menu in the tool bar fails to reflect the changed names.


    Tom Brown
    Blog url: http://tomshutterbug.wordpress.com/



    Tom, The email in your profile is actually still the xtremedeveloper address. You can change this from Users > My Profile in your dashboard.

    Secondly it sounds like the old titles are cached; can your try clearing your cache and cookies for me?

    I’ve removed the full email addresses from your above post so that you don’t get any unwanted spam :)


    Ah yes, of course. I’m rather new to wordpress you see. Secondly as for the cache thing I’m using google chrome and that’s the very first thing I tried. I assume there is no internal php batch process that updates the titles every so often? If not then I guess It’s to do with the way my computer is caching website data.

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